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Adam4Adam Review: Genuine or Scam Dating Service?

Adam4Adam Review: Genuine or Scam Dating Service?
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 120 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website offers English, Spanish, among other languages.
  • Those who love mobile apps can download its application on the various app stores.
  • The site manages a sex shop that offers the most affordable prices ever witnessed on any intimacy firm.
  • A dedicated team approves all the pictures uploaded by new members before they could appear publicly.
  • You can find their official social media channels, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Many of the platform's elements are not charged.
  • You can access the video chat element without paying a dime.
  • The site has loads of ads that may cause discomfort when browsing around.
  • Email verification is a necessary step-which most people don't like, but it is not mandatory.
  • A number of their profiles are not genuine. But you can always report any that you think are not genuine to the support team.

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Adam4Adam is one of the best virtual gay dating sites. It was purposely created for the homosexual community. On this Adam4Adam website, gay men can effectively converse and communicate, plan a date, meet for a sexual session, or just casual friendship. The best part is that its overall features are free since the website garners most of its revenues from advertisers, sponsored movies, the sex shop, and donations. This gives many gay men a chance to use the site even if they cannot splash a few dollars.

Nonetheless, if you want to get the most out of your membership in this gay community, it would be best to buy the premium plan. That way, you will leverage its paid functionalities. Such awesome elements offer the best and give you an unprecedented experience you have never gotten anywhere else. You will learn more about such awesome functionalities in this genuine and most comprehensive Adam4Adam review. But before that, you need to know that the Adam4Adam website was established in 2003. Indeed, reports have it that this was the first online hookup site that envisioned casual gay match-ups, an aspect that is not revealed by most Adam4Adam кeviews. In 2005, the site was ranked 2nd famous according to ‘San Jose Mercury News.’ Later on, it was even ranked at the top of all gay hookup sites. Thus, it would be best if you did not shy away or doubt its authenticity.

What About the Website Layout & Usability?

What About the Website Layout & Usability?

The general layout of the Adam4Adam website is reasonably good. However, much can still be tweaked to make it better. However, it is always responsive, and you can use it to find a gay partner anytime you feel like. The website hosts a lot of ads that are entirely pornographic. Thus, you will have to get used to the numerous ads if you are using the free package. However, you can say goodbye to such disgusting ads by purchasing the premium plan that offers incredible features with zero ads.

The functions of Adam4Adam are relatively easy to find. However, some improvements could give them a better arrangement. Profiles’ layout is not as complicated as in other casual gay hookup sites. Plainly, all info is shown with zero structure approaches.

The menu has much to offer. You will see the mailbox, live webcams, and sex shops. Besides, the left side of the menu provides the members’ categories. You will find new, featured, online members and popular member categories displayed there. There is also the link to your search. For a successful hunt, you can use the various search parameters or filters as you want. If used right, the search will give you the ideal partner as filtered by the search features as per your specifications or preferences.

It is upon you to utilize all the elements that you deem ideal for you. If you prefer video chats, do not be afraid to use the video chat element to communicate with potential partners.

Some Unique Features for Adam4Adam Users

Adam4Adam website hosts several excellent elements for you. These various elements are significant for its sexual purpose. Indeed, without these fantastic elements, the site would not be as impressive as it is. This section of this Adam4Adam review reveals the best elements that are only found on this site. Keep reading to get to know the various handy elements that will give you the best service.

  • Live Cams

Most of the site’s members have Livestream sessions. To watch these live sessions, you can make use of the live cams. Indeed, the site has Adam4LIVE, A4ALIVE, and Adam4CAMS, facilitating live streams. Besides, you can use the live cams to video chat with other members you are interested in. However, each of the abovementioned live cams will need separate accounts. Besides, it will cost you more than the usual fee to watch the various videos in their entirety.

  • Sex Shop

If you are a sex toy enthusiast, then this site is the right spot for you. Here you will buy sex toys and any other paraphernalia. So, you do not have to visit different online retail intimacy sites to purchase sex toys. Adam4Adam has got you covered.

Sex Shop
  • Movies

Do you love intimacy movies or any other kind of movie that brings out the best moods in you? Well, you can view as many movies as you want on Adam4Adam.tv. In this category, you can rent the film for a particular period, buy a time package from which they will deduct the amount of time you watch them, and you can own the movie in the download section, retain it for 7 days, 30 days or forever. However, each of the various packages has different fee applications.

  • Underwear Club

This is a club that entails availing of designer underwear from various internationally recognized designer brands. It happens every month and starts at 10 dollars for your initial month. They will make the right selection and send you one of your sizes and, most importantly, your preferred design.

  • Plan a TripMost

likely, this is the only site for casual dating that offers a trip planning element. Indeed, most other sites just plan dates, and that’s all. So, on the Adam4Adam website, you can let your preferred gay partner know where you intend to travel next. That way, you will hook up easily and have your sexual sessions privately or in a location that you will have other fun activities.

  • Party AdYes…!

You love parties! Don’t you? The page is public; thus, any member of the community can see the ads. However, you can only place ads for small private parties. The advert will be displayed for 30 days before the event and removed after two days past the party date. Plan yours today, and let your fellow gay people know about it. You can even theme a gay party, and they will be happy to come over. Advertise it, and you will get hits in your inbox about it. Eventually, you will enjoy it to the fullest with minimal disturbances since you are all on the same team.

  • Health Resources
Health Resources

Health is a crucial aspect of your life. Indeed, you can’t neglect health matters if you want to have fun in life. Thus, the best way to stay healthy is to keep in touch with health counselors. Such counselors have their own accounts on the Adam4Adam website. You can reach out to them for any form of consultation. For example, if you want to know more about sexually transmitted diseases, testing sites, or even male health clinics, they are the ideal people to contact. They can help you in finding or choosing the best men’s erection booster medicine. It is ideal to find expert help when you feel like something is not right with your body.

There is no need to endanger your health by consuming some sexual pills without proper guidance from a professional. Thus, it is worth it to stay in touch with the medical practitioners found on the website.

Communication Functions Provided by Adam4Adam

  • On this beautiful platform, you can save upwards of 3 search settings.
  • Anyone can deliver a smile to someone’s inbox if they are not in the mood for chats.
  • You can reach out to others through messages or video chats.

On this fantastic platform, it is easy to contact fellow members. Every legit user of the website can send or receive messages. However, you will need to begin by performing a search for potential partners then choose one from among the revealed matches. To successfully search on Adam4Adam, feel free to use the manual search that entails reviewing other users’ info with keen regard to characteristics. Besides, you could get a recommendation from fellow gays.

Once you review the various profiles, contact them directly. But if you are afraid of making direct contact, just send a smile to show interest. The other person may send a smile too or start the conversation by sending you a direct message.

You can set unique filters with a specific tactic for searching. Indeed, this is one of the ideal ways to search for excellent gay partners. It is also a great way to find new prospects. Remember, on this platform, you can manage to preserve up to 3 various search settings to make use of the one they dream best for you.

You can increase the number of search presets. However, this will cost you, since you must buy the premium package. This paid plan is the best since you can save upwards of 10 search settings. All the searches will rely on the particular member’s criteria of every user, and they can significantly vary. However, you can perform searches with general aspects since they are still permitted. Always prefer a paid plan since it will give you the best experience as you use this site. There are no limits to when or how you can search for new prospects with the premium plan. You can easily make specifications on what you want as peer qualities and characteristics.

How to Create a Perfect Profile?

How to Create a Perfect Profile?

To begin with, the sign-up procedure is bidirectional. And it is a must that you are 18 years of age or above to be accepted as a gay member of this vast community. It is possible to become a member of this fantastic platform using your Google account or your Facebook account. As a recommendation, it is good to register with an email address specific to this site.

On the first page, which shows up upon opening the Adam4Adam URL, you will see a form. You will give your preferred username, email address, and create a secure and robust password on the form. The password must be unique and only known to you so that nobody else will ever access your account. However, declaring that you have gone through the site’s terms of service and conditions makes the registration effective. Besides, you must complete the declaration that you are 18 + when you are signing up.

Upon completing the previous page, the Adam4Adam website will request a few personal details from you. They will demand that you give answers to a few queries meant to strengthen your profile. Here you will reveal your basic personal info and preferences. You indicate the age of the partner you anticipate to get, the sex you intend to get, and also your current location. Afterward, you will be required to upload a good looking picture of you. Remember, you are looking for a dating partner. You are not looking for a job here. Thus, the photo you choose to upload should be attractive to other members.

Before you could proceed with the sign-up process, you will have to click on the captcha and verify your current age. This will make it simple for them to register you correctly. Honestly, you may not be allowed to proceed with the account creation if you fail to click the generated captcha.

The basic info displayed on your profile is the location, particular characteristics that reveal your lifestyle and sexual preference. Besides, it is possible to include your occupation or profession. And if you are a traveler, you can add a Visitor profile. This visitor profile shows up on top of your main profile. It shows that you are traveling; thus, you are different from those indicated in the main profile. It becomes easy for those in your current city to find you. Therefore, you can have a secondary profile on top of your primary profile. This adds to your chances of finding a gay partner in your current town or city.

The Adam4Adam site cites that you should not upload nudes in your profile. However, there are lots of profiles with nude pictures already. Since it is not permitted to make such uploads, they might be penalized eventually. Remember, it is imperative to include the main profile photo along with the picture for the application.

Paid Services

As stated earlier, you can use the platform free of charge. And before you get a glimpse of the features that you get to leverage when you buy a premium plan, here are the various services offered to free users.

Free-based services:

  • You can have as many friends as you wish, as declared by numerous Adam4Adam reviews.
  • You can do as many blocks as you want.
  • You won’t be disrupted by numerous ads while using the site on the desktop or mobile phone.
  • You have your profile approved immediately. In short, the approval of your account is highly prioritized if you are a premium member.
  • You can have up to 200 conversations and 2000 messages per conversation.
  • You can advertise your services using the ProAd feature.

Does Adam4Adam Have a Mobile Application?

  • The site is highly optimized for mobile users.
  • It has a mobile application for smartphone users.
  • You can get the app for your phone on both app stores.
  • The app is readily available in numerous languages.
  • The app has over 0.5 million downloads so far on the Google play store.
  • The mobile app may not have similar features as those enjoyed on the web version.
  • The version dedicated to mobile device users, which is highly optimized, has all the features you get on the desktop version.
  • The app’s layout may not be as appealing as most people may expect, especially the younger generation.

The mobile app may not be as described in numerous Adam4Adam reviews on the internet. Indeed, its overall design is a bit wanting. That is why most people would prefer the website since it offers full features. The app has cut down on the features that every user should use. Thus, if you want to get the best experience, consider the version dedicated to mobile browsers. However, if you find it ideal to use the mobile app, feel free to do so.

What Are Adam4Adam Top Security Features?

What Are Adam4Adam Top Security Features?

Never be afraid while using Adam4Adam. The site takes safety issues seriously. Indeed, you will find various guides that contain handy safety tips that you can adhere to while using the platform. Those tips help keep you safe while dating virtually.

Besides, the site boasts of good system support. The site never discloses any personal info of its users to third parties. You do not have to worry when they ask for particular documents. To make sure you get the best, they are ever willing to answer any queries about their service that you might have. Thus, if you have any questions or anywhere you need clarification, feel free to contact the support team. They will get back to you as soon as possible. One of their top interests is to help you achieve your intimate desires.

A Great Function You Should Be Aware Of


The site has a way to keep its users active on the site. Thus, they get rid of all the conversations that are not active for about 10 days. Thus, any discussion that stays for more than 10 days in ‘silence’ is deleted automatically.

Adam4Adam Price Policy

Though you can use the platform without paying any dime, it is advisable to get a paid plan. This plan gives you full access to all the site’s features plus other notable inclusions.


  • One month requires 6.67 USD


  • One month goes for 20.00 USD

Most of the Adam4Adam website elements are offered for free because the site runs adverts for various top firms. They also get multiple donations from multiple firms. Most of the firms that they partner with are those offering drugs for erection and porn sites.

You can pay via your credit card. Do not be afraid of using your card since all the transactions are discreet and secure. If you want a refund, you can only get in the first 14 days after the transaction. After the mentioned period, you cannot get a refund. But you can stop the automatic subscription by choosing the ‘Cancel Auto-rebill.’



This site is meant for gays looking for their partners. Though yo muay come across someone searching for a romantic relationship, it is practically hard on Adam4Adam. So, if other Adam4Adam reviews made you believe that you can find a lifetime partner on this site, then you need to believe this review and forget about that old story. Join this platform. You will love its features. If you are looking for a gay partner to spruce up your weekend moods, you have come to the right online spot. Indeed, this is one of the most preferred gay dating sites across the world. Join the online dating realm, do not be left out.

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