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Apex Review: Real or Scam?

Apex Review: Real or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Accounts based on votes.
  • Safety is guaranteed.
  • Searches are based on where people stay.
  • You can get matches as per age, gender, location, picture, and more.
  • There is a tool that can find partners close to you.
  • Messaging is free.
  • Scammers.
  • There is no option of contacting users via video.
  • Members can only communicate via text.
  • Pictures are not verified. Sometimes, you bump into people who use someone else’s photos.

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The Apex website is one of the popular dating platforms. If you want friends, hookups, or even someone to marry, it will do the job. The developers do their best to bring like-minded people together. Don’t worry; it is definitely not a scam.

Most of them are after casual sex. If you want a serious partner, this place may not be ideal for you.

Apex is available both on mobile and desktop devices, giving users access to a good number of features.

Design & Functionality

You can find your match without much hassle. The filters used for matchmaking are age, gender, location, name, among others.

With the Nearby feature, you can get hookups fast. If you are in a hotel, search for people around and have a great time together.

The Apex website also utilizes location. All newcomers must specify where they live when registering. Then, the system categorizes them by regions, enabling users to find people closer to them. Anyone may meet friends or sex partners based on his/her city or locality.

Safety is also vital on the Apex dating platform. There is an option to report individuals who engage in malicious activities. Depending on the seriousness, a person can get banned from using the service for a particular time or forever.

Apex Design & Functionality

Main Features of Apex

Choosing a website is similar to looking for a new vehicle. There are many options to consider. You may be interested in flashy platforms that look modern. Some people may be after something trustworthy.

The Apex website has basic features that every matchmaking service must provide. If users care about the matching algorithm, population, and communication tools, they are all available.


You will require messaging as soon as you open an account at the Apex platform. Thus, you will know more about the individual you intend to date. Once you find your match, you can easily send him/her a message and break the ice.

Profile Voting

It is a rating tool that enables members to get the most suitable matches. What happens is that the Apex site shows two people. You are required to select the most attractive one. People who get picked are ranked high, and those left get lower. It is the most exciting perk, which provides new matching ideas.

Local Matches

The Apex service focuses on local matching. Using the search function, you can see other users’ profiles and locations. You can even check who is near you.


If there is someone on Apex you don’t wish to interact with, you can block him/her. Blocked members have no way of accessing the profile of those who stopped them.


If you encounter scammers or fake participants, simply report them. Apex ensures to restrict them from the platform, allowing other members to browse safely.

Building Your Profile

Apex Messaging

The Apex dating website features questions in its Profile section. You must answer them before embarking on your dating journey. Thus, you can get the matches quicker.

The questions are about age, gender preferences, interests, contact numbers, and more. When users provide that information, they can filter the search accordingly. As you narrow down the results, you can choose the person that suits you faster.

The Apex profile section also features pictures. You can upload your most attractive images and write descriptions that help draw the attention of others. So, ensure to provide detailed information.

The Apex service is free. You will not need to pay for it. A platform like this is excellent for people who are new to online dating.

Not all people have good experiences with the individuals they meet online. Depending on your encounter, you might never want to use such a service again. However, with Apex, things are different.

Users here have more flexibility for all kinds of affairs. You can make friends, have casual relationships, and meet the love of your life. Even married individuals and those in relationships can join the platform to meet new acquaintances. You can browse it to find peace of mind when your partner doesn’t give you the much-needed attention.

Below are the services that you will enjoy on the Apex website.

  • Registration: This entails providing essential details such as name, zip code, and password. To register, users have to go to the sign-up page.
  • Sending messages to anyone: Messaging is the only way to know more about the people you meet on Apex. So, when you search and get a match, the next thing is initiating a conversation. The platform allows users to text for free. You can send messages to as many people as you like.
  • Applying search filters to get suitable matches: They include age, gender, and location. With that, you can meet the person that suits you most. Whether you are looking for friends, hookups, or long-term affairs, these filters make your work easier.
  • Seeing who likes you: Since the Apex website is free, expect to see members interested in you. This feature gets paid for on most dating platforms. Visitors have the advantage of enjoying it for free on Apex.
  • Blocking malicious individuals: If you come across people who don’t seem genuine or are not friendly to you, you can restrict them from contacting you by blocking them. In every profile, there is a corresponding option.
  • Reporting anyone who engages in illegal acts: Thanks to the excellent team of customer support representatives, anyone engaging in malicious activities gets banned from the platform. Click on the Report feature in your profile to notify Apex about an abuser. Eliminating fake or suspicious members helps in keeping the community safe.
  • Uploading several photos: You can upload as many images as you like. Other Apex users will be able to see them, and you can also view theirs.
  • Browsing members’ profiles: Since the service is free, people can read everything on other accounts. You will see the responses to profile questions, user descriptions, and anything else you need to determine whether a person can be compatible with you.
  • Deleting the account when you don’t need it: You can get what you want or get fed up with the platform. When that happens, there is no need to keep having an active profile on the Apex website. You can delete it whenever you want. To do so, go to the account section and select the Delete option. Confirm your action, at it will be permanently deleted.
  • Contacting customer care representatives for help: All users are free to contact a support representative whenever they need assistance. The team works around the clock, ensuring members have a great time on Apex.
Apex Paid Features

Mobile Applications Explained

There is a mobile platform for the Apex dating service. It is available for both Android and iPhone users, providing them with an incredible experience.

It is always convenient to use the Apex app, but some people might not want to download it. If you are one of them, do not worry. You can still access all the features using a mobile browser. The interface is smooth and straightforward.

Members have several ways of interacting with people. The Nearby function assists in connecting with individuals close to you. The filters also help get suitable matches.

Anyone can send texts instantly to the person he/she likes.

How It Functions

The Apex dating service requires members to answer some questions upon signing up. Those questions assist in finding compatible matches quickly. Be ready to indicate your age, sex preferences, where you live, your interests, contact number, etc.

When you start using Apex, focus on possible partners only. The information provided in the Questions section will help you narrow down your search to compatible dates.

Users can also pick their matches based on photos. The site allows writing descriptions of images. It will help you determine if a person suits you or not.

The Apex dating site also chooses profiles based on votes. Two members appear on display, depending on descriptions, interests, and photos; the person with more votes gets ranked higher.

Another Apex tool is messaging. You can send messages to others only after registering. The drawback is the absence of video calls.

Apex Mobile Applications Explained

Safety Measures

The dating company takes security seriously. There are more than thirty thousand five-star Apex reviews.

For a start, users have the option of blocking and reporting anyone engaging in malicious activities. So, if you feel that a person is lying about who he/she is or trying to get money from you, report him/her. The site will ban such members from accessing the service.

Apex also keeps customer details safe. What you specify during registration will never get revealed to third parties. Also, since the platform is free, you will never have to provide your financial details.

Because of that, there are tips to follow to remain safe. They include:

  1. Do not reveal your identity: You must never give out your real name to the strangers you meet on Apex. Avoid using your actual name as a username. If you provide something that can lead to disclosing more info about you, you are in great danger. Even after meeting your match in person, you do not have to share your private details. You don’t know what someone could be looking for online.
  2. Do not reveal your employment details: If you work in a prestigious organization, you may want to brag about it. It is understandable, but the dating site is not safe. When you tell the company you work for, a hacker can search it online. He/she will get a lot of information about you, your employer, and workmates. Due to that security breach, the whole organization will be in serious trouble.
  3. Inform a friend about the date: If you have gotten to the point where you are meeting your Apex website match in person, ensure to inform someone you trust. Give your friends all the necessary details about that person. He/she must know the name and the exact location. Should anything unexpected happen during the meeting, your friend will be able to find you. Also, even if everything is okay, that friend will back you up and make sure you have fun with your partner.
  4. Never meet in private places: Especially for the first two meetings, do not go to a secret location. It is advisable to be in public areas with many people around. It may be a location like a hotel, a skating rink, or anywhere else. Whenever you suspect that something is not right, a passerby might assist. The open place additionally allows people to invite a relative or a pal. He/she will come there to keep an eye on you. Consider informing the people working at the restaurant or any other place you meet about the date. Some establishments have secret codes for customers to use whenever things go wrong.
Apex Safety Measures

Other Information About the Site

The other things that users need to know about Apex include:


The site got started by individuals that felt the need to have a different dating service. The creators understood that people are fed up with common matchmaking sites and want something unique. They founded the Apex website for any person interested in one-off or permanent affairs. The company is in the US; however, members hail from everywhere around the globe.

Sexual Orientation

Apex does not restrict users because of their sexuality. Gays, lesbians, and straight individuals are welcome to enjoy it.


You must be an adult to join the Apex platform. Anyone below eighteen years should get reported and removed.

Race and Ethnicity

The Apex website welcomes people from every corner of the world. So, expect to encounter Asians, Latinos, Americans, and all other ethnicities.


The Apex matchmaking platform promises to offer a safe platform for users. Besides ensuring there aren’t any scammers or fraudsters, the developers update the service frequently. This assists in making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access customer details.

Most Apex reviews also mention the safety measures taken by the site. Users must read the terms and conditions first before they start using it. You should know what Apex is all about, its functionality, features, and advantages to make an informed decision.

Apex also has an excellent customer support team. People who encounter any challenges can contact a representative using the contacts provided on the website. Also, the customers can report suspicious activities, and the support team will investigate these complaints. People engaging in illegal acts get banned, allowing other customers to enjoy interacting with matches.


The Apex online company features a high number of registered participants. Many of those individuals are searching for singles interested in casual relationships. Those seeking someone to marry are few. So, if you are looking for fun, it is the perfect dating site to join. It is also possible to end up finding a life partner when you hook up. Online dating is unpredictable. You can meet someone you wouldn’t want to part ways with forever.


The Apex website has a straightforward registration process. It does not verify users’ emails like other similar services. As a new member, you start by loading the site on a desktop or mobile device. You will see the registration page, which requires you to provide details such as name and the kind of person you want to meet. Creating a password and a username is also necessary. Should you have challenges picking a username, Apex can offer you suggestions. The right name describes you, and it conveys attitude and tone. So, come up with an expressive one that can make other people understand who you are and why you are the right match.

After registering, you can sign in and start interacting with others.

Deleting Your Account

You can do that by going to the Account section and clicking on the Delete option. The Apex website will require you to confirm your action. Upon confirming, the page will get removed. Your profile details will no longer get accessed by other users, and you will never appear on search results. Keep in mind that you cannot reactivate it. Should you need the service, you will have to register once again.

Apex Other Information About the Site


Apex does not require users to pay. Anyone who joins it can access all the features for free.


As seen from the Apex review, the site is an excellent hookup platform. You can find real dates close to where you live. If you think that other dating services are boring or costly, it is time to give this one a try. The developers did everything possible to make your experience unforgettable. So, on Apex, quality comes first. Any single person can get the kind of excitement he/she wants. For more than three years now, it has rocked the hookup and temporary sex cultures. It is a perfect way for individuals to find suitable partners. If you want sex just for one night, it is the perfect place to be.

Its excellent searching and filtering options additionally make finding a suitable match easy. Another impressive thing is that you do not need to pay at all! The review has covered every aspect of Apex. There are no surprises to expect. Anyone may enter the Apex website today and find people interested in having a good time together.

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