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Badoo Review: Real or Scam?

Badoo Review: Real or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 12 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Making new friends or arranging dates is the easiest thing
  • There are plenty of gorgeous young adult women and men
  • You don’t have to pay anything to register
  • The app is very sharp
  • People from all around the world are on Badoo
  • The site does not charge you to use the chat
  • Many features that help with dating are to be paid for
  • Sometimes Badoo is viewed as a place for desperate people

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It was first started in 2006 by the Russian businessman Andrey Andreev as a feature on Facebook. It had games and quizzes that Facebook users could enjoy. After that, in 2012, Badoo became a website on its own. Many people who already liked it as a feature then registered, and its first years saw much success across the whole world.

One curious thing about Badoo is that it does not advertise itself as a place to date or find hookups. The developers say it is a social network much like Facebook or VK. That is odd since the service has too many tools focused on dating and arranging meetings between people. Still, they can use the site only to make new friends.

What contributes to the fact that Badoo is more viewed as a dating site than a simple social network is that it has a minimum age requirement of 18. Minors can’t create accounts here. If it were merely a social network like Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc., then the minimum age would probably be 13.

The vast majority of users are young people looking for partners, be they for brief sexual encounters or serious dating. Badoo was designed to look modern and fresh in a way that attracts young adults, and it is surely working.

Design and Usability

You can even wonder what makes a website the best. Some questions can guide you: what are you truly looking for? Hookups or serious relationships? Do the visuals matter? In case you answered “yes” to this last question, then Badoo will be perfect for you.

As already stated, Badoo invests in a fresh and modern look that helps attract the young audience. If you take a quick look at the site, you will see that its interface is very sharp and beautiful. In such terms, Badoo is many steps ahead of its competitors that simply look ugly.

If you pay even more attention to Badoo, you will notice that it looks as beautiful as a mobile app. The main focus of developers is on the latter. Since they want to attract young people, what is better than offering a good application?

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android and works even better than the site. There are no significant differences in design, but the mobile counterpart still feels more convenient. You can use it on the go or simply lay down in the bed and talk to your friend.

It feels like the app delivers the authentic experience that developers wanted to achieve. Anyone who already likes Badoo should try and use the application, too.

Even though it is genuinely good, sometimes you might notice glitches. At times, it happens that you cannot send messages. It is recommended to report the error so that the developers can work on it. Close the app and open it again to fix the issue.


Unique Features to Consider

It is kind of funny how Badoo claims itself to be a social media network rather than a dating platform. After all, most of its features are made to help members connect with partners. The site is undoubtedly focused on dating, no matter what the creators might say. Now, you need to know that the most common type of dating on Badoo is casual dating/hookups. It is rare to find someone looking for a serious relationship.

Badoo Encounters: This is a quick way of matching people together. It helps with arranging dating partners in the blink of an eye. Encounters show you every day a list of people who might be compatible with you. They are chosen based on your interests and location. This is what the Badoo website is most known for. You will be shown many possible matches, and you can visit their profiles to check everything about them. Then you can decide to “like” them or not.

Profile Score: Other users who view your page can rate your pictures. In case you have high rates, you will be showing up first in the search results. This makes gorgeous members more popular; a good appearance is even more rewarding on Badoo than on any other platform.

Lookalikes: This one is pretty unique to Badoo. You can find people whose appearance appeals to you and then notify the feature. It will suggest more people with a similar appearance.

Who viewed you: This is a pretty standard tool on any dating website. It is usually paid, so it is on Badoo. It helps you figure out how popular you are, how many people visit your page and check your pictures.

Likes: Do you want to know who liked your profile so that you can go after them? Then this tool will help you out with that. Matches happen very quickly with this one.

Send gifts: On Badoo, you can buy and send gifts to people you like.


How to Communicate on the Site

It is straightforward to chat with anyone you like on Badoo. Simply open the page of the person you would like to talk to and then start a conversation.

Some months ago, there was a live stream feature to watch other members’ live stream and interact with them. It was removed because the developers didn’t want users to spend time watching videos but making real connections.


Profiles on the Site

Years ago, Badoo suffered from a lot of complaints about fake profiles. It was usual to register and immediately receive many messages from other users (men would get numerous messages from sexy-looking women). Nowadays, this problem seems to have been solved. The verification process is thorough, as it even asks for access to your camera so it can register you making some random pose.

Badoo gathers around 12 million users, according to the most recent data. Only 400,00 of them live in the USA. Badoo enjoys more popularity across European countries. Still, no matter where you live, you should be able to find people nearby through the site. For example, if you are Brazilian, there are plenty of male and female Brazilian visitors. The app was popular in the country back when it first came out, and it still holds some of that fame.

Badoo has more male than female users, which is bad if you are interested in women. Still, you can find them. Now, be aware of the fact that recently, fake female pages were created to take advantage of naive men. It is unsure whether this is still a thing right now, and fake profiles are truly rare to be found, but you never know.

Even though most things on Badoo are tremendous and worthy of acclaim, the site indeed lacks more detailed profiles. It does not offer members many options to express themselves. Pages only show basic info, but at least one can say they look polished, thanks to Badoo’s clean design.

Now, what does a profile feature, then? Well, when you view a person, you can see their photos and two buttons right at the top: a heart for “like” and the letter X for “not interested.” If someone likes you back, you instantly receive a “match” notification. Next to these buttons, you can see the user’s name and age.

When opening a page of someone who seems interesting to you, you can generally find out what they are looking for. Members usually write that they are up for friends, chatting, dating, or hookups. Bold users even indicate that they need sex, but that does work if it’s a man who writes this. Moreover, people can share their interests in music, movies, books, any kind of activity, etc. On the other tab, they have the room to describe their drinking and smoking habits and relation with religion, sexual preferences (this one matters a lot), etc.

An essential thing to have in mind when you register on Badoo is that anyone can see your profile. Although you need to sign up to chat with others, pages are public for anyone to see regardless of being a member. Remember, a site like this is not where you should post sexy pictures or reveal too much info about yourself.

As for fakes, stories online about those seem to vary from country to country. Some countries seem to face a problem of many fake profiles. While in others, they are rare. You should check Badoo in yours before registering. It is kind of easy to see which pages are real and which ones are fake.


Paying for membership on the Badoo website grants you access to a handful of perks that can change how fast you match other people. These features might assist some people in finding a partner more quickly. Still, to be honest, they are not completely necessary in case you are not that desperate or have the patience to search carefully for some days.

What you get from paying for a Badoo membership includes:

  • View who likes you
  • Highlight your messages
  • See who’s got you on their favorites list
  • Undo your vote on Encounters
  • Browse Badoo anonymously
  • See when there are new users
  • Appear as a featured member
  • Send Crush alerts
  • Increase your popularity
  • Send gifts
  • Chat stickers

As you can see, these tools were designed for those who want to find a partner very quickly with the help of the best functionality available.


Is There a Mobile Application?

The mobile app was already largely covered in the Design and Usability section. It is a very efficient tool to communicate with your contacts when you are on the go or when you want to feel comfortable. After all, lying with your phone in hands and chatting is better than having to sit in front of a computer, right?

The Badoo app is excellent and free to download both on iOS and Android.


Some people wonder whether Badoo is a legit site. This happens when they have never heard of it before (something quite unbelievable, to be honest). Anyway, Badoo is entirely legit. You can register in an instant and check it yourself. There are so many people looking for dates there. If you scrutinize their pages, you will notice that there are many details indicated.

To ensure its members’ security, Badoo has created an extensive verification system for newcomers. Because of that, it would be a lie to say that the site does not put any effort into protecting its community.

It was already commented that some time ago, the website was known to harbor many fakes. It was tested for this Badoo review, and bogus pages seemed to be very rare. It is probably something that varies from place to place, or Badoo’s new policy is effectively blocking malicious individuals.

If you still want to know more about its position regarding users’ safety, you can find the FAQ block very easily. There, you can read about how the platform protects its members. This is rarely mentioned in other Badoo reviews, but the site also has a guide to online safety, which is easily accessible to everyone.

Now, as for privacy, you need to take care of what kind of information you provide. That is not because the Badoo website does not take care of your private info, but because the details you write on your profile are accessible to anyone who opens it.


What Else?

Some topics are still left to be covered about the service. Do you know about its registration process from other Badoo reviews? In case you do not, check below.

Sign-Up Procedure

Badoo offers many options for new members to register: via Facebook, Google, VK, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, or Mail.Ru.

The system also requires you to give a bit of information about yourself:

  • Birthday
  • City
  • Gender

This data is quick to fill out, and after that, you will be required to upload pictures or import them from Facebook or Instagram. This is truly a requirement, as you do not have the option of skipping this step. New accounts are not accepted if they do not contain any pictures.

Then again, adding photos of yourself matters because of the pic rating feature. To activate it, you should upload at least three nice photos that indeed show you. People will then be able to see and tell what they think about them.

As an additional verification step, Badoo requires members to turn on their cameras and record themselves making a gesture. This is a way of blocking those creating accounts just to fool around and bother members who are seriously looking for a date.

Did you log off the site? Do not worry, as logging back is very easy. There is a “sign-in” button at the top of Badoo.

Profile Icons

Members can have icons on their profiles that help others know about their activities on Badoo.

  • Blue Phone Icon – a person uses the Badoo app
  • Diamond Icon – one is a Badoo Premium subscriber
  • Green Up Arrow Icon – a member has become very popular recently
  • Blue Check Mark Icon – a person has been completely verified
  • Green Dot Icon – one is online now and can chat

Badoo’s Pricing

This needs to be repeated once again: Badoo is a free site, and you do not need to pay for any features if you have enough patience to invest in building a good page. Now, if you want to use Badoo to get the best experience and have quick matches that lead to hookups as quickly as possible, paying might be for you.

Alright, let’s say you want to commit to Badoo. You can buy credits or acquire a premium membership. The latter gives you access to all tools, while credits can be purchased separately to spend on something in particular if you do not want the membership.

Prices for subscriptions:

  • 1 month – $12,99
  • 3 months – $31,99
  • 6 months – $47,99

Prices for credits:

  • 100 credits – $2,99 ($0,03/credit)
  • 550 credits – $9,99 ($0,02/credit)
  • 1250 credits – $19,99 ($0,02/credit)
  • 2750 credits – $39,99 ($0,01/credit)


Badoo is one of the biggest social media networks (or dating platforms) in the world, and there is a reason for that. It puts effort into bringing to life a unique experience for users so that they can meet dating partners without putting up with a lot of nonsense.

It is impressive how Badoo provides a space for dating without even charging for the chat. This is something rare nowadays, as many services are designed to be a cash grab. Sure, some of them put a paywall to protect visitors. Badoo, on the other hand, has come up with a strict verification process upon registration.

It offers the possibility for both of those things to happen, and that only depends on what each user wants. It is a place to try new experiences and have a good time with those you never noticed or simply never had the chance to meet. Badoo is a legit platform and truly worth anyone’s time.

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