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Chat Avenue Review: Is the Website Real?

Chat Avenue Review: Is the Website Real?
About Site
Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 22-34
Profiles 9 000 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Being among the oldest communication services, the Chat Avenue Company is trustworthy.
  • The chat rooms are active all the time.
  • The moderators are helpful and cooperative.
  • The platform features several themes, and the chat rooms get customized based on them.
  • There is a video chat.
  • You can log in as a guest to test Chat Avenue’s features. It is not a must to be a registered user to enjoy the platform.
  • It saves people’s IPs to detect fake members.
  • There are many unverified participants. You will never know what they are up to, so you must be extra careful when interacting with them.
  • The website keeps showing adverts, which disrupts users’ activities.

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Chat Avenue is not a scam. It is one of the best websites for individuals interested in relationships, friendships, and marriage. When it comes to chatting, the site stands out. It operates globally, and English is its primary language. There are nineteen chat rooms. You can find a section for singles, teens, music, college students, adults, girls, boys, dating, sex, sports, video games, lesbians, etc.

Joining the Chat Avenue website is free. You can even access the service as a guest. Continue reading this review to learn more.

Chat Avenue Review

Site Design and Functionality

The Chat Avenue platform has straightforward rules. The terms and conditions appear before joining a room. There is no issue with how the features operate. Each chat section has a simple structure. However, people can see that the designs were created for them thoughtfully.

Every room at the Chat Avenue website has a unique theme, depending on its topic. There are avatars and emojis for each section.

Unique Features

Chat Avenue has various functions to make users’ stay worth it.

a) Communication Rooms

It is where members hold talks with other individuals. You do not pay to use it. The rooms include:

  1. College

It is suitable for learners or recent graduates. They come here to meet people and talk about things related to school. Anyone can ask a question or share his/her thoughts.

  1. Adult

To join this Chat Avenue section, you must be at least eighteen years. Each day, two thousand members are willing to talk about sex. You can even exchange private texts. Before joining, you will see the requirements of the service. You must adhere to the rules to avoid getting banned.

  1. Singles

It helps unmarried individuals meet. There are people from everywhere around the globe. Users can talk about various things. You can find people willing to help get something off your chest.

  1. Dating

You can join this Chat Avenue room anonymously, or you can sign up first. The people found here are either in a relationship or married. They share their feelings and get dating advice. They can also flirt and exchange private texts.

  1. General

This one does not have a topic. People can enter for no reason and share their life moments with others. It is possible to make friends here.

  1. Teen

According to the Chat Avenue website, this section is the largest one globally. People who join share their encounters. It is safe and comfortable for like-minded teenagers to interact and get to know each other better.

  1. Kids

It is another Chat Avenue section for underage members. The kids meet and converse. Children below thirteen years must get permission from their parents before joining.

  1. Gay

Chat Avenue offers a safe place for gays to interact. You can communicate with over one hundred active like-minded people. You can talk about your fears and experiences. Users also get help from those who can understand them better.

  1. Girls

This is where females meet and gossip. They can also make friends. The users here are free and open-minded. They can share anything since there are no men.

  1. Live

Here people communicate in real-time. They can discuss any topic and ask questions. The section has almost thirty active members all day long.

  1. Video

The Chat Avenue room often has between seventy-five and one hundred and fifty users. They are active during the daytime. It is the only section that gets accessed via a desktop machine. Your computer must have Flash to be able to use it. It is the best way of getting acquainted with each other without sending messages.

  1. Sports

In this Chat Avenue section, users meet to talk about games. You will find the most recent news, rumors, and highlights of various sports.

  1. Music

The music industry is significant. Expect to meet music lovers in this Chat Avenue room. You can talk about the best artists, and you may even attend concerts with strangers. The section can also get accessed by guests and registered members.

  1. Lesbian

Here, one can find females who are not interested in men. It is a perfect place to find like-minded individuals for hookups.

  1. Video Games

Here users meet the right people to talk about video game updates, current gaming features, etc.

  1. Boys

It is similar to the girls’ room. Chat Avenue allows boys to meet here. You must be at least thirteen years to join. Users can talk about anything because it does not focus on any topic.

  1. Mobile

There is no particular discussion topic here. Everyone uses their mobile devices. You do not need to download anything. Through your mobile browser, you can meet people and talk about whatever comes to your mind.

  1. Cam

The Chat Avenue section allows members to do video calls. Users need to be careful here since most people do not reveal their identities.

a) Personal Chat

The site allows users to communicate privately. The feature does not require payment.

Chat Avenue Site Design and Functionality

How to Interact on the Platform?

To communicate, you must be friends. You must also register first to be able to add people. When your account gets set up, your friend list will appear, and you can see active members.

Chat Avenue users can exchange private texts. Each chat room has a communication area, which is open to everyone. You can even send a whisper to someone.

Chat Avenue How to Interact on the Platform

Profile Building

The website allows users to add anyone who is a member. Users do not get verified. Instead, the service saves their IP addresses.

To create a profile at the Chat Avenue platform, you need to fill out some details: username, age, and gender. Next, you must upload your photo and say something about yourself.

Chat Avenue Profile Building

The Chat Avenue service is free, but you can get a premium membership to enjoy the following additional perks.

  1. Photos: You can upload pictures on your profile.
  2. You can change your username if you are a VIP user.
  3. Chat Avenue allows you to come up with your chat room.
  4. You can view the history of your chat.
  5. Paying members can add a gradient to their usernames and messages at the Chat Avenue website.
  6. VIP subscribers emerge at the top of the users’ list.
  7. Special symbols are close to people’s usernames.
  8. The website allows premium members to share videos from YouTube.
Chat Avenue Paid Membership

Mobile App

The Chat Avenue service is available on mobile. The app was created in 2005. It can get accessed both on iOS and Android devices.

The chat rooms are not significant. They can host between ten to one hundred members during peak hours. The spaces are open to all users, and they can talk about anything. You will not need to download anything else to use the Chat Avenue app. The site only recommends having Google Chrome as your mobile browser.


Below are the things that users must adhere to when they join Chat Avenue.

  1. You must be above thirteen years old.
  2. The mobile app works well on any portable device, and there are no additional downloads.
  3. All chat rooms are free, and some do not even require users to get registered.
  4. Chat Avenue users cannot post their contacts, emails, or IDs in the discussion rooms.
  5. People engaging in suspicious activities must get reported to the administrators.
  6. Participants are not allowed to flood chat places or disrupt others. You will get banned from the platform if you get caught.
  7. Vulgar language is not allowed.
  8. Chat Avenue users should avoid sharing their private details with strangers.
  9. Hacking or exploiting communications is a serious offense. You can end up in jail.
  10. People who exploit or hack chat places will get banned.
  11. Users should report technical problems to the customer support representatives using the contacts given on the site.

How It Functions


Users start by opening an account. You may even join as an anonymous visitor. Anyone can use the Chat Avenue service. All you have to do to get registered is to provide your username and password. To be eligible for entering all chat places, you must provide a working email address and a picture.

Profile Creation

The available details are name, sex, and age. Most users also do not have profile pictures and a description of themselves.


The website lacks the search options meant to connect users with suitable matches. People need to add others to their friend list if they like them.

Available Features

You can listen to songs while chatting with other members. You can come up with a friend list and share updates on your wall. Upgrading your account is optional. The functionality is mainly free. In case you find that the chat room you entered does not suit you, you can always switch to another one.

The only tools missing on Chat Avenue are searching and matching.

Chat Avenue Mobile App


The Chat Avenue review can conclude that the safety of this website is high. Online platforms are susceptible to scammers these days, but you have nothing to worry about here. You may even use it anonymously if you want.

Any private details you provide are kept safe. The privacy policy states that it can never share users’ information with other people.

The other side of security is in the customers’ hands. It is hard to know who uses the service anonymously. Chat Avenue also tracks IP addresses, but it can be confusing because some utilize VPN to hide location. So, to ensure safety, members should be cautious with strangers. Avoid sharing personal details, especially your location.

Chat Avenue administrators keenly monitor all customers. All malicious acts are analyzed carefully, and those involved get banned from the website. So, ensure to report any suspicious activity.

Chat Avenue Safety

Other Tools

Below are other services that users enjoy on the Chat Avenue website.

  1. Membership

The site welcomes all kinds of users. You have to be at least thirteen years to get accepted. There are chat rooms for gays, lesbians, kids, those interested in dating, music lovers, sports enthusiasts, etc. Whether you are straight or like people of your gender, you are welcome to join.

  1. Hooking up

The probability of hookups at the Chat Avenue website is not high. Since most of the chat rooms have nothing to do with dating, chances of finding a sex partner here are fewer. Also, you can’t tell how things will end with people you meet. If the person you find lives close to where you are, the chances of hooking up get higher though it is not guaranteed.

  1. Getting a Match

You cannot even search for a person who suits you. People meet in chat rooms directly. So, when you enter one, you can add the individuals you like to your friend list and start chatting.

  1. Customer Support

The Chat Avenue website has the contact section. Users who encounter challenges can resort to it to reach a support representative. The issues include technical problems, complaints, etc. You can also contact the admin if you have a concern. Feedbacks are also allowed. You can let the website know whether you enjoyed the service or not.

  1. Verification and Permitted Content

The platform prohibits illegal content. If you post anything that is not allowed, it will get deleted within no time, and you might get banned from using Chat Avenue.

The Chat Avenue Company does not verify images. Users can post any photos. The only verification that takes place is for emails. If you want to open an account, you must provide a valid email address, which gets verified before you start using the service.

  1. Deleting Accounts

The Chat Avenue website does not have the option of deleting profiles. If you no longer want to use the service, you should contact the administrator to remove your account. Also, the information you provide is not public. So, whether you delete the account or not, no one will know about you.

  1. Blocking

Chat Avenue has the Ignore option. When you click on it, a user will never be able to contact you. You can recognize it from a red line crossing an individual. Once you block someone, his/her texts will not appear anymore. If you wish to get rid of someone, you should report it. When you inform Chat Avenue about someone engaging in inappropriate acts, he/she is likely to get banned.

  1. Canceling Subscriptions

The payment does not get auto-renewed. Once the period you paid for ends, your account will get taken back to the free user status. The lack of the auto-renewing option makes this service convenient because you will never risk paying for a plan you forgot to cancel.

Chat Avenue Other Tools


The Chat Avenue website is free, but you can pay the following amount to enjoy more perks. The charges depend on the chat room you want to join. Also, not all places have VIP services.

Gay and Adult Sections

  • 5 dollars per month
  • 10 dollars for three months
  • The one-year subscription costs twenty dollars
  • Members can also pay twenty-five dollars to have access to the service forever

Dating, Singles, and Lesbian rooms

  • 5 dollars per month
  • 10 dollars for three months
  • The one-year subscription costs fifteen dollars.
  • Chat Avenue members can also pay twenty-five dollars to have access to the service forever.

Live Chat

  • 3 dollars per month
  • 5 dollars for three months
  • The one-year subscription costs ten dollars
  • Members can also pay fifteen dollars to have access to the service forever

The longer terms on the Chat Avenue website cost less. If you wish to save money and plan to use the service often, you should consider them.

Chat Avenue Cost


As seen from many Chat Avenue reviews, the website caters to many types of users. It is known globally, and it has had a good reputation throughout its existence. It is trustworthy and comprises a friendly community. There are many chat rooms to join, and you are guaranteed to enjoy conversations. Though the Chat Avenue website got created many years back, it still looks modern. Another great thing is that the service is available on mobile devices. You can meet and chat with people on the go.

Like all other online dating platforms, users need to be careful with the people they encounter. Entering a chat room is simple. Since it is not possible to tell whether your interlocutor is genuine, be cautious always. Chat Avenue warns its community that they should not trust people they don’t know. The site has many positive things for users. It makes it possible to interact with people far from you.

Most of the perks are free. You will only need to pay if you wish to enjoy additional tools. The platform is among the best online chatting services that offer many free features. If you are looking for a communication platform where you can interact with like-minded people, consider giving Chat Avenue a try.

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