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Chatiw Dating: Is This Company A Scam?

Chatiw Dating: Is This Company A Scam?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 24-36
Profiles 984 385
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No payment: The website is unpaid. Users will never even have to pay to download an app.
  • No signing up: Unlike dating sites, it is not a must to register at the communication website. Anyone may use the public chat rooms after replying to a few questions. They include your username, date of birth, and where you live.
  • Straightforward: The site has a simple to use interface. To know more about how the application works, you can go through the FAQ section.
  • Many people: Through the Chatiw platform, users meet individuals from anywhere around the world.
  • Messaging: By clicking the name of a person, you will write to him/her texts.
  • Languages: The site gets accessed in English, Italian, Spanish, France, Germany, etc.
  • Reporting: The website has the option to report malicious customers.
  • No ads: Unlike dating sites, the communication website offers an unpaid service without adverts.
  • Since users don’t sign up, you may begin messaging other members faster than other similar websites.
  • The service gets offered on portable devices. Customers will never have to pay to acquire an app. Also, the application does not occupy much space on mobile devices.
  • The Chatiw phone and PC functions do not differ. Users will never get confused when interacting with matches.
  • You can easily take photos and post them on your profile.
  • The website has an easy-to-read text.
  • The site rarely crashes since there are no bugs. If there is a technical glitch, the support team is always there to assist.
  • People interested in a serious relationship will have to go to other dating sites because most users at the Chatiw website only want casual affairs.
  • There is no app for IOS devices.
  • There are few features compared to most popular dating sites.
  • Users do not get verified. Lack of verification allows scammers and fraudsters to access the site.
  • Conversation history gets deleted.
  • Free members cannot use the searching feature.
  • Some Chatiw members are bold. They might send you certain content that you are not comfortable seeing.
  • The amount of texts that free users can send each day gets limited. You will need to upgrade the membership to interact with other customers more.
  • Sometimes the Chatiw website can take longer to load. When you refresh it, the page can stutter.
  • Premium users have few offers to enjoy compared to what other similar sites provide.
  • Customers must never take the risk of meeting their online partners in person. The same applies to all other dating sites. You will never know what the strangers you meet online want from you.

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Chatiw is a scam-free web communication platform. Clients can interact freely with single individuals. Customers may utilize it either on a PC or a mobile device. The service gets offered nearly in every nation worldwide and gets widely used in the US and the UK.

Like most popular dating sites, the communication service promises users that they will meet sexual partners. Also, the website may enable anyone to start any type of affair with like-minded individuals. You may communicate with anyone you want, no matter where he/she lives.

The website might appear exciting and useful, but will it fulfill its promises? Find out from this Chatiw review.

Site Design And Functionality

Chatiw Advantages And Disadvantages

The thing that makes the Chatiw website stand out is its interface. Whether on the desktop or the mobile platform, it is user-friendly.

You can navigate quickly. Chat rooms are not hard to access, and you can easily switch to a private chat with the person you like. Besides chatting, if you wish to go through the website, you will never have any challenges.

If you deactivate your account, the Chatiw platform will delete it immediately. The conversation history gets kept for the current session. You cannot retrieve previous chats.

When it comes to functionality, the service is accessible on PC, Android, and Windows phones. The app works the same way as the desktop site. The service features searching options and a safe payment gateway.

The most relaxing thing about the Chatiw website is its interactive interface. When communicating with other people, you can know if a person is online, writing a text, and whether he/she has read your message.

Site Design And Functionality

Outstanding Features Of Chatiw

The Chatiw website is a platform that allows users to communicate with strangers from wherever they live. Below are some of the available features.

  1. Blog

The site provides the link to its blog. It often entails guidelines for chatting and dating.

  1. Safety guidelines

It is another Chatiw link that provides chatting advice. The website uses it to enable users to protect themselves through avoiding scammers and fraudsters.

  1. Communication history

You can get it on the upper section of the main chatting page. It comprises the chats you’ve had with other users. Previous conversations don’t get included.

  1. More links

You can come across several other links on the main chatting section. The links connect users to other dating sites. The websites are the affiliates of the communication company.

Outstanding Features Of Chatiw

Messaging Functions

The platform has a communication function. Customers are not permitted to send links or contacts to people. Users will never need to pay to chat with other individuals. However, they will just exchange a particular amount of texts each day. If you have a premium membership, you will write as many messages as you wish. The Chatiw site also allows exchanging photos with different individuals.

There exist several ways to interact on this platform. If you’ve not upgraded your account, you may write texts to anyone you want. The messages you receive will appear in your inbox. You can reply or block the senders if you don’t wish to interact with them.


There exist several ways of meeting and greeting people at the Chatiw site. The platform has emojis that features a straightforward interface. You only have to press the enter key to send a text.

The platform additionally permits chatting with many singles. You may open the private chatting part and have romantic talks without other users knowing.

The most important thing is that all actions are private. No one will ever know what takes place between you and another person. Chatiw website conversations get encrypted, and everything that customers share remains private.

For subscribed Chatiw customers, besides writing many texts, they can include links in the conversations.

Video calls

The company makes communication more real with the video option. Below is the chat guideline.

  • Users must submit their ID.
  • Various menus will appear. You can choose to join a video chat room or a live communication section.
  • The Chatiw website will require you to test the communication feature.
  • Next, you can get directed to make payment to access more offers. Upgrading to utilize the features requires a higher amount of money compared to many similar platforms.
  • The platform will also need you to give a verification medium. So, you must provide your email address or connect with Facebook or any other social platform.
Messaging Functions

Chatiw Profile Development

The profiles on this platform are not as detailed as those in most dating sites. Many of them lack photos. The site displays one’s age, gender, username, and where he/she lives. Users can control the visibility of their profiles. You will not need to get verified via email to build your account. If you remain inactive on the Chatiw website for several hours, you will get logged out.

Users do not need to sign up. The site will only ask them to provide their name, age, gender, and location. If you are a free member, you can come up with a basic profile. For an enhanced experience, consider upgrading your membership. Free users have access to chat rooms and can send private texts. They can also for active people and send them photos and emojis. Other activities you can do with free membership include modifying your profile, viewing conversations, and blocking fake members.

Premium Chatiw membership allows people to access more offers. For instance, you will receive a badge and ban members if it is necessary. You can send as many texts as you want and share links, numbers, etc. Premium users can also VIP customer support, and they enjoy ad-free browsing at the website.

Another benefit that VIP users enjoy is not encountering CAPTCHAS when entering the site. They can also have their usernames reserved.

Most of the chatting website services are free, but you can pay to enjoy the following additional offers.

  1. Chat rooms: Premium users can enter chatting sections and send private chats to other users.
  2. Searching: With a paid Chatiw account, you can search for a suitable match.
  3. Editing: Users can modify and complete their profile information.
  4. Sending content: With a premium account, you can send emojis and photos to other members.
  5. Blocking: The site allows the blocking of malicious individuals.
  6. Conversation: Users can view their chat history.
  7. Priority service: VIP members get prioritized when getting support, advice, and other services.

Phone Service

The Chatiw platform gets accessed on portable devices. Customers can acquire the application without paying. The application features a straightforward interface. It is easy to navigate, and it is more interactive and convenient compared to the desktop site.

The application enables customers to communicate on the go. There is, however, no app for iPhone users. Several Chatiw reviews show that the company is planning to work with iTunes. The company hasn’t given a formal announcement so far.

Chatiw Safety Features

Unlike dating sites, users’ emails don’t get verified. The best method of ensuring security on the website is blocking scammers.

According to most Chatiw reviews, the website requires free users to provide details every time they wish to utilize it. So, if you leave the page inactive for some time, you will have to log in again to continue enjoying the service. Doing this ensures that unauthorized people do not use other people’s profiles to distract other customers.

It is crucial to emphasize that there will always be issues since there is no verification activity on the Chatiw website. The only safety measure undertaken is the CAPTCHA when people send texts. Premium customers get the additional protection of their details. They will additionally never have to provide the login details each time the page is inactive.

The web company hopes to provide a fun casual dating experience. People should be cautious when interacting with any individual. Some rules ensure protection besides blocking individuals.

  1. Do not share private information with individuals you meet on the Chatiw site.
  2. Report every individual that engages in malicious activities. The company can analyze that user and can ban him/her from using the site. Reporting fake individuals not only protects you but also other users on the website.
  3. When interacting with singles on the Chatiw platform, if you feel that something is not right, trust your instincts. You should never think of waiting for something terrible to happen. Avoid the user before he/she does anything. Users will never even need to explain to an individual why they are blocking him/her.
  4. Whenever you decide to meet outside the Chatiw platform, ensure you go to a public place.
Chatiw Safety Features

More Information About The Website

Below are the other things that users need to know about the online chatting service.

  1. History

Сurrently, the Chatiw website is among the most popular matchmaking services on the web. It is available in several countries around the globe.

The site was founded in 2009. Back then, most of the customers were from the United States. The developers have since then kept improving the platform, making it more popular fast. Singles from other sections of the globe learned about it and started joining. There are thousands of new users each day. Most of them are from America, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Other Chatiw customers are from Asia and some English-speaking nations. The website is available in several languages like German, Russian, Italian, and French.

The site welcomes users above eighteen years, and most of them are between eighteen and twenty-five years. Customers above thirty years make up over thirty percent of the website population. People above forty-five years old are few.

  1. Users

Three hundred thousand of the site population is from the United States. Each week, there are one hundred thousand active people. Seventy percent of the members are men, and the remaining thirty percent are women. Most of the users are between eighteen and twenty-four years.

Other Chatiw website customers are from nations like Belgium, Ukraine, Canada, and France. Most of the people are straight, but you can also meet individuals interested in same-sex affairs.

  1. Registration

Free users do not need to register at the Chatiw platform. The site only asks for general details, and customers get authenticated through CAPTCHAS. Users must also use their GPS to allow the website to get their location.The information required includes age, gender, and location. The only available sex options are male and female:

  • Setting the location

There are two methods used. You may pick your nation manually or utilize the Chatiw GPS function, which selects the place automatically.

  • Using the GPS

For the website to determine where you live, you must click on the GPS icon. You must enable the function for it to work.

  • VIP users

People who upgrade their Chatiw membership will have their account details stored on the website. So, whenever you get back to the platform, you will never need to log in again.

  1. Searching and profile quality

Your name, age, gender, and location are the only details that appear on profiles. The searching feature is only available to VIP members. However, there is not so much compared to other dating sites. The service is different. Users enter login details and start texting anyone they like. If you get a match, you can plan to meet in person. Bear in mind that it is not possible to find long-term partners here. The platform only focuses on casual dating.

  1. How the site functions

The service operates the same way as dating sites. It, however, does things more organically. Any person above eighteen years can join and begin chatting with others. There is little information on the profiles. So, you have to interact with the other members more to know them better. When communicating, you can share photos, gifs, and other things. Once you finish chatting and leave the site, your data gets erased.

Chatiw Dating
  1. Free services

The Chatiw unpaid membership allows users to do most things on the website. Among them are:

  • You can build a profile.
  • You can enter any chat room and send messages to other members.
  • Modify your profile details.
  • Send photos and emojis when chatting.
  • You can block malicious members on the Chatiw website.
  • You can view the conversation history of your present chat.
  • Customer support

The website offers support via mobile devices, video, web, and other communication services. The company encourages customers to respect each other. People who engage in malicious activities should get reported. The site bans these users from accessing the service, allowing other customers to chat peacefully.

The Chatiw management team also works day and night, ensuring that all technical issues get solved on time.

The blocking and reporting function is available in chat rooms and private chatting sections. Blocked or reported users get banned for forty-eight hours. If you are among the affected users and feel that you did not deserve that, ensure to contact the customer support team.

Safe communication is taken seriously at the Chatiw website. Customers should adhere to the safety guidelines specified at the site. Besides seeking assistance from the support representatives, it is good to comply with the company rules and regulations.

More Information About The Website

Cost Policy

Below are the available subscriptions.

  • One month: The Chatiw website users pay 4.95 dollars.
  • Six months: It costs 4.33 dollars per month. The total becomes 25.95 dollars.
  • Twelve months: You will pay 4.16 dollars each month. The total cost is 49.95 dollars.
  • Lifetime: With 99.95 dollars, you can use the website forever.

The Chatiw online platform users pay for the service using Paypal, Credit, and Debit card options. As a premium member, you do not need to re-enter details whenever you want to access it. You will only sign in, and the website will load instantly. You will also not get asked to go through CAPTCHAS. The security measure is for free users only. When you upgrade your membership, the company believes you are a genuine and valued user.


As seen from the Chatiw review, the website is ideal for anyone interested in fast online chats. If you want to have a good time with strangers, it is the best platform to join. Like in all other dating services, you get guaranteed the pleasure of meeting people from any place around the world. If you are interested in someone you can start a family with, the Chatiw website might not be the right one for you. Most of the users there want to have fun. It may not be easy to find someone willing to spend the rest of his/her life with you.

Another thing is that unlike dating sites, the profiles contain few details. Also, since the site does not verify users before allowing them to use it, you can find many fake accounts. There are, however, strict safety measures to ensure users are protected. So, this is a safe platform. If you want to interact with people from anywhere around the globe, give Chatiw website a try.

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