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Grindr Review: Is it Legit Or Scam?

Grindr Review: Is it Legit Or Scam?
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Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 24-38
Profiles 678 512
Reply Rate 98%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site permits you to hook up with singles that are near you
  • The platform boasts of over 3 million members from whom you can find a partner
  • You can use the platform free of charge. However, if you want a better experience, you may have to upgrade to Grindr XTRA
  • It is cheap; thus, anyone willing to make a small investment to find a hookup gay partner finds it worth their attention
  • The app is straightforward when it comes to its usage
  • It is not ideal for anyone in search of prince charming
  • The app may have technical glitches now and then
  • It is only for those above 18 years of age

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Grindr is the most popular hookup app in the bisexual, gay, and possibly the bi-curious world. Indeed, it is ranked among the top dating sites. As per the reports, most gay men find it easy to use Grindr to find a partner for a great romantic night out. This site was officially launched in 2009. It has over two million users, and it is spread across 196 + countries around the world. This fact makes it the most popular and flourishing all-male social app in the globe.

  • Quick Stats about the site:
  • It has over 3.3 million active users.
  • Research shows that an average user uses the site for about 54 minutes in a day.
  • At any given instance, you will find about 1 million active users logged on to the app.
  • Grindr is a great platform devoted to the LGBTQ community.
  • The USA has about 25 percent of the user base while other countries take the remaining share.

When you talk about geo-targeting dating sites, Grindr website must top your list. Indeed, research reveals that you may not find a gay guy who has never used Grindr or just downloaded it at least once. In most cases, the site is flaunted as a hookup site rather than just a dating app. What keeps gay men coming back to the site is its ease of use and the geo-targeting feature, making it easy for them to find a partner now or near them. Every comeback means getting a new gay partner for a night out or just a weekend out. The site’s simple yet highly effective interface makes it effortless for any new user to achieve their partner searching endeavors to bear fruits quickly. Read this Grindr review to get to know it better.

Grindr Review

Website Design & Usability

Grindr website has an excellent web layout. Indeed, you will fall in love with its well-displayed features; some features, such as the ‘tribe element’ layout. Indeed, none of its millions of users has ever claimed that its design is boring. Most of them loved it, and that is why they still come back to get yet another dose of a fantastic experience. It is created in a manner that makes it possible for you to know which users are online at a particular moment and those that are close in nearness to you. You will be linked to guys who are just about 5 miles from your location in most cases.

Over time, Grindr has honed the procedure of linking its users to those nearby. You can now find the exact men near you with the help of this excellent app. Also, users can easily connect their Grindr accounts to social media channels. Consequently, members can transcend torso pictures and include a human element to their existing profiles.

Website Design & Usability

Are There Any Special Features

Grindr reviews show that it has a host of unique elements that give its users an improved experience while looking for their gay partners. These various features make the site fun to use.


These are customized emojis that are gay-themed. It is indeed one of the best and exciting ways to speak to other users in the entire LGBTB society. In the platform, you will find 500+ Gaymojis that you can use. This is a unique feature of the site since nowhere else can be found. They will help you talk out how you feel, travel, fun times, and much more.


How would you feel if you found a unique way to express your intimate interest to another user even without having to begin a conversation with them? Well, that would be a great experience. Taps are indicated as a flame icon. You can make use of the icon to reveal your interest in another member. That way, they will know that you liked them and would want to link up with them. Consequently, they may begin a chat with you to set a date.


This is probably one of the best features you wouldn’t expect to miss out in this Grindr review. You can utilize the favorites to bookmark the new or existing users that seem right to you. After that, you can go to your favorites list to send them a message. However, this element does not work like taps. The users that you favor will not be alerted about it. They will only know about your interests when you chat with them.


Though Grindr is dedicated to linking you up with members that are close to you, you can also reach those in other states. They explore elements, which are a mode for searching, makes it possible for you to check profiles, link up, and even chat with members who reside in other countries. However, the element may not be available for any users who use a basic plan. You have to make an upgrade in membership to access it and enjoy its offers.

Are There Any Special Features

What About Its Communication Functions Of Grindr

Here are some quick tips about communication in this platform:

  • Most of the users are active in making sure you can always find someone to communicate with.
  • Most of the gay members on the platform will send several pictures before they could chat with you.
  • Once you have sent a message to another user whom you are interested in, you can get notified if they read it or not.
  • You can let others know your location and even send them awesome pictures.
  • Any users registered in the platform can send and receive messages.
  • The platform has two unique approaches to link up with another user. You can opt to utilize the taps or send a message to another user.
  • Even a basic member can chat with other members.

As you can see, there is a lot offered by the Grindr website that you should leverage. Do not be left out since you do not have to splash hundreds of dollars to message someone. Even basic plan users have the privilege to chat with others. Their conversations are, however, filtered to unread messages and favorites.

When it comes to Taps’ use, you will find various categories such as Hot, Looking Good, and Friendly. You can make use of any of them that you deem the best to explain your interests even before you could send a message. The good part of it is that once they receive your taps, they may decide to get back soon with a message if they get interested in you.

The platform also offers more fun to whoever wants to utilize the Gaymojis. Yes, this is an absolutely perfect way to reveal your feelings. You can quickly download the keyboard that carries the LGBTB-themed stickers that will give you a better experience.

What About Its Communication Functions Of Grindr

What Are The Various Profile Enhancement Features

  • At a time, you can only make use of one picture.
  • There are various spaces to fill in, but most of them are never a must-fill.
  • Once you have made the registration, you can tweak the info anytime you feel like.
  • Your account at Grindr can effortlessly be connected to other popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and even twitter.
  • You get to know the location of others and their distance from your current location.

The following section gives the various detailed blocks that require more information about you. These sections are meant to improve the quality of your profile. Remember, a more quality profile will be attractive to any member who comes across it. So, be keen when filling in these sections.


This section needs your name. It has the about section, which gives others a short description of who you are. Make sure you provide the name that you would want to be displayed on your profile. Also, please make efforts to fill the about me section correctly.


There are a lot of details that are important to fellow members. They want to know your height, age, position, relationship status, weight, etc. It also carries the ‘My Tribes’ and the section showing what you are looking for. The tribe, in this context, points out your sexual orientation. For example, you can be a Twink, daddy, leather, discreet, jock; Trans, otter, etc. The position will reveal the sex position that you prefer most. The ‘I’m Looking For’ tells more about the person you intend to meet on this popular platform. For examp0le, you may be in the search for a friend, a date, or a chat; you will point that out in that section. I8f you want a right now, you can let them know in that space left to fill.


The identity section will let others know about your gender. Thus, you must identify yourself as a non-binary, man, woman, or even custom non-binary. Here you can set the pronouns the way you want, but they can still be tweaked later.

Sexual Health

Here, you will be required to reveal more information about your health status. They will ask for your HIV status and the date in which you were last tested. There will also be some testing reminders plus some health FAQs. However, there was a time when this particular section became controversial. This happened a few months after the site was officially launched. But the good news is that Grindr does not share the info about this section to third parties. Seemingly, most members did not find it useful to have their personal details about HIV revealed. They perceived it as a violation of privacy. Thus, advertisers and other third-party partners cannot access any info about any member’s HIV status.

Social Links

As stated hereinabove, it is possible to link your Grindr account to other famous dating sites. To link them, enter the Twitter handle, Instagram username, or even your Facebook account’s username and connect them. However, this is entirely optional.

You are encouraged to fill in all the above sections since that is the only way to get the most out of this platform’s hookup services. However, once you have given all the info required, you can tweak it anytime you want. Sao, make an effort to complete it fully and tweak it whenever need be.

What Are The Various Profile Enhancement Features

Which Are The Fee Based Services

With a premium subscription to this site, there is a lot that you can enjoy. However, anyone can still access the website and a few of its features without paying any dime. But it would be best if you considered a Grindr XTRA plan, which gives you better access and more features.

  • You get to enjoy browsing with zero ads.
  • You can receive push notifications when you get a message, Gaymojis, or any other alert from the platform.
  • You are permitted to view as many potential matches as you may wish. The system will generate more than 600 matches to check them out.
  • Instead of viewing all members, your search can be narrowed down to view those members who are online at that particular time.
  • You can select 2 + tribes.
  • You can receive chat phrases, save them, or even send to others.
  • If a member disgusts you, you can block them. Indeed, there is no limit to the number of blocks you can do as long as you have a paid subscription.

Does The Site Have A Mobile Application

  • Grindr review indicates that the site has a mobile application that can be downloaded from the play store and the apple app store. The app has got all the features that you could find on the website.
  • The layout of the app is simple.
  • You can get it on the two app stores without charges.
  • It is easy to navigate, and its user-friendliness is on another level.
  • It is available for both android users and iOS enthusiasts.

Grindr app sets the pace for others to follow with its ease-of-use. You can download the app from either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You will never be charged anything to download and install it on your smartphone. However, it will contain some in-app purchases. It is even more convenient to use the app than the web version.

That is why about 70 percent of the members prefer using it rather than the Grindr website. The app will let you know why you should consider prioritizing your dates. And if you have an attractive profile, you will most likely get hits in your message inbox and numerous Gaymojis every day. Thus, if you love busy weekends, you will never miss a new partner to enjoy the weekend with you.

Does The Site Have A Mobile Application

What Are Some Of Its Security Features

While you may not find many features that offer safety on the site, you can look out for fake profiles and report them. The support team will get back to you as soon as they receive your alert about people using others photos. Also, since most accounts are linked to their dating sites, it is now easy to get to know them better.

But recently, Grindr partnered with UrSafe to improve the safety of its widespread users. They agreed to offer users with numerous safety improvements. This was a response from the Grindr team after receiving innumerable claims about the platform’s diminishing safety levels. The partnership will enable users to share details about their location with close family and trusted pals. They will also be in a position to send hands-free SOS alerts to the government authorities in their region in case of anything.

What Are Some Of Its Security Features

Does It Have Other Elements

One of the top priorities every dating app puts more effort into is privacy matters. Grindr reviews show that it has not been left out since it has introduced an option that allows users to conceal the app on their smartphones. The DAI, Discreet APP Icon, permits users to use a different icon that replaces the original Grindr icon. This move makes it hard for anyone else who may want to use the phone not to see the app. You know very well that once someone sees it, they may raise concerns. All gay dating matters should remain personal issues that any other person should not know about. That is why it is crucial to use this DAI feature to remain discreet.

Does It Have Other Elements

What Is The Price Policy

The basic hookup app is free. However, it is supported by ads. This connotes that you will meet numerous ads from various third parties. These third parties fund the site to run their adverts to free users. Remember, the site requires finances to keep it run and maintain it.

There is a lot you can achieve while utilizing the free plan. For example, you can message; view other users’ profiles- for 100 members only, and much more. However, for a better experience, consider getting the Grindr XTRA. You can opt to utilize the 7-day trial just to get the first-hand experience on how it is to use the premium plan. Wirth the Grindr XTRA plan, you can view as many profiles as you wish, and you will not be bombarded with numerous ad pop-ups that may disrupt your navigation.

Indeed, you can view 600 + profiles with a premium plan. It only costs around 5 USD for a month. However, some plans are organized in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans. Once you purchase them, you will use the Grindr XTRA from the number of months stipulated in the particular plan. Besides, you will enjoy all its top features such as the DAI, Taps, Explore Mode, use search filters, and read receipts.

Though you can achieve a lot with this plan, some find it not fulfilling their desires. If you happen to feel like it is not giving you what you want, you can still cancel the subscription. But if it is giving you the right services just as you had anticipated, you can keep it since it only auto-renews the subscription. Make sure you use it more often to get the most out of the little investment you make.

What Is The Price Policy


Ideally, you can achieve your desires to make friends on this hookup app. Besides, finding hookups is the best thing you can do in this beautiful app. Thus, you may not find it easy to find a partner to bring home to your beloved parents. Some of its vital search filters go like ‘Looking For’ and ‘Right Now.’ This shows that if you want to find a guy partner, it is possible to have them right away.

Grindr is indeed the most preferred and ideal spot for Trans, queer people, bi and gay. While using the site, you can quickly chat; enjoy fast swipes and quick-meetup elements. It has a great layout that every user likes. It makes use of geolocation technology to link users to their potential partners. Thus, more gay men are signing up to get quick hookups for a night out or a weekend party. This site may not be ideal for a man who is up for a long term relationship. However, you may get lucky to meet someone who makes you feel good, and you can talk to them to see if they could be your regular guests for a gay sex session. Thus, if you love dating sites, then Grindr is the best pick for you as per this review.

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