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Kik Review: Is the Platform Real?

Kik Review: Is the Platform Real?
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Pros and Cons

  • Communication: The platform works almost like WhatsApp. You may use it to contact others instead of sending a text: such activities profit text and data plans. You can send as many messages as you like.
  • Members: There are more than four million people on the Kik website. The platform provides communication without struggling. You will never even incur costly mobile charges, thus saving some money.
  • Free: The app does not require payment for the installation. The data needed to download it is insignificant. Another good thing is that it takes less space.
  • Blocking: Besides having the best message notification system, the platform allows users to block malicious individuals.
  • Upgrades: Kik’s browser in an upgrade compared to most related applications. With that, members get a better user experience.
  • The application offers a reliable chatting encounter across several platforms. People can add images, memes, and graphics when texting others.
  • Mobile service: Kik can be accessed on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Young members: Most members are below fifteen years. The communication these kids engage in can lead to cyberbullying. Teens are not safe because the things they share can be a way for predators to find them.
  • Inappropriate content: The Kik app does not get censored. The children may get exposed to the wrong things or even get asked to post their details.
  • Sex chats: Most young participants are not aware of the dangers of sharing private data. They easily chat with strangers without asking them who they are. Dirty language is a frequent thing here as well.
  • Message status: Kik does not allow users to switch off their read status.

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Kik is a legit free instant texting and social media app. It utilizes mobile data or Wi-Fi so that you can message other members. The application can be installed on Android, iOS, and Amazon devices.

When it comes to messaging, the app focuses on a particular demographic. Teenagers are the ones who mostly use it, and the owners make great efforts to ensure that more of them keep joining.

The Kik website respects anonymity and privacy. In 2016, there were three hundred million members, whereby forty of them were teenagers from the United States. From that time, the platform has never revealed the number of users.

To become a member of the Kik website, you do not need to register through a phone number. You only provide an email account and name. Doing this allows people to maintain a less-known presence on the app. Other participants can only identify you through a username.

You can share pictures, drawings, recordings, texts, emojis, web pages, etc. Such things appeal to young people. The lowest registration age is thirteen years. Read on this Kik review to learn more.

The Interface and Functionality

The Kik platform has an incredible structure. There is no limit to the number of texts, characters, or charges in the Plus section. You can send as many messages as you want. The site is so simple, allowing teenagers to communicate easily. There is a search tool, which enables you to get like-minded individuals. You may even join other users’ social likes. Among them are things like music and art.

There is no age verification on the Kik site. There are no children safeguards either, and it is straightforward for users to interact with strangers of any age. The application has a code function that allows swapping profiles instantly. You can utilize it in connecting with commercial items.

Kik also has the Discover option, which sends members outside the application. You may get sent to a partner website. There is a bot function so that you can interact with artificially intelligent machines.

Kik The Interface and Functionality

Outstanding Features

Kik has many perks, and it is similar to the text messaging service.

  1. Notifications: People get alerts whenever someone texts them. It is possible to personalize audio messages with various tones so that the recipient will hear it when receives something from you. You can even change the theme to customize your text.
  2. Typing: Kik features a live typing function that shows in real-time when someone is writing a text. Users can also tell when their messages are received.
  3. Inviting members: The application allows you to invite other people through a message, Facebook, or Twitter. If the individuals on your phone contact list register using their numbers, the Kik website will detect them, and you will get an alert suggesting to connect with them.
  4. Groups: The site features various categories arranged as per interests.
  5. Meeting new users: This is a recent tool that allows members to enter new chats based on likes.
  6. Codes: Every Kik user has a unique code accessed from the settings. It helps you look for and invite others to the website. To add someone, you can use the search bar to find him/her. After that, scan the code to open a chat and start texting.
  7. 3rd party integration: Kik has integrated the web browser. Through that, other people can create sites optimized by it. Thus, the company tries to improve its service.
  8. Bots and browsing: The application has a tool that records conversations. You can add as many chats as you wish.
  9. Web history: When accessing this function, Kik users can find sites visited using the messenger app. It is an impressive addition to the platform.
  10. The Crisis text line: Children like exchanging messages, thus making the Kik app more successful. The Crisis text line allows people to chat as they do with relatives and acquaintances. Using it makes users feel safe. You can share your issues with a qualified crisis counselor.
  11. Stickers: To keep members active and entertained, the Kik site has updated the stickers’ library. There are currently thousands of unique stickers.
Kik Outstanding Features

Messaging Features

You can start a group chat on the Kik platform by clicking on the magnifying glass. When you do that, the option will allow you to add people to the group. There are both private and public chats. The maximum number of users in a group is 49. You cannot search for private communities. To join, you must scan the Kik code or get added by a member. The public ones can be identified through hashtags.

Users are free to communicate directly with other people in a community. You can also decide who can contact you. If you disable the messaging feature, other group members will not be able to text you.

The Kik app also has a video chatting option. You can use it to communicate with people using other applications. You can talk to a maximum of six individuals in private chat. The video chatting toggle allows participants to enter or leave a conversation as they wish.

Kik Messaging Features

Completing Your Profile

In the Kik app, the profile gets made up of some information. Those details help users know each other:

  • The username picked when registering
  • The display name is the one that users modify and can choose to keep it private
  • A profile photo

Other people can’t see your email address and password on the Kik platform.

Viewing Profiles

Ensure to update your details after registering so that people will know your account is not fake. To do that, open Kik and click on the gear symbol. You will get taken to the settings section. The page will show your profile. You can also view your account by clicking on your name when chatting.

To view other people’s profiles on Kik, open the app and go to the Chats. Click on the image of the person. You will get taken to his/her page.

For people that you have not communicated with, follow the steps below to view their accounts:

  1. Open the Kik app on your device.
  2. Click on the chat symbol. It gets represented by a small message bubble.
  3. Type the name of the user in the search section.
  4. When the person appears, click on his/her picture to view the page.

Editing the Profile

When you register on the Kik platform, you must pick your username. The name can never get changed unless you delete the account and create another one. It is only the display name that can get altered. It is advisable to avoid using real names.

To change your name:

  1. Open the Kik app. All your chats will appear on display.
  2. Click on the gear symbol in the upper left corner of the iPhone device. The icon might be placed differently on Android and other devices.
  3. Click on your account to get to where your details are.
  4. Tap on your name to edit it.

Changing the profile photo

The image can be anything. It does not have to be your real photo. Use your actual picture when you want to meet people.

  1. Open the Kik app.
  2. Click on the gear symbol. If you have a chat, you can click on yourself to get to your profile photo. However, it is not possible to change images in the messaging section.
  3. While on your profile photo, click on the Set Picture option to choose a new one.

Sharing your profile

Kik developers updated the platform recently. The improvements made include allowing members to share their accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. People can share their usernames with other individuals quickly.

Steps followed:

  1. Open the Kik app. Your chats will get displayed.
  2. Click on the message symbol. It looks like a small bubble in the upper right corner.
  3. Your page will appear below the search section. Click on it. A dialogue box will emerge with an option to share the profile through various social networks.

There are no paid services on Kik. The app is free to download, install, and use. You only need to have access to the Internet to interact with other people.

Kik Paid Perks

Mobile App

Kik is available on mobile devices. There is an application for Android and iPhone users.

How the app works

To use the Kik app, you must first register. Registration requires you to provide your name and a profile picture. After that, it prompts people to search for their phone contacts. You may decline, but that means you will not have someone to communicate with.

Kik’s group searching features allow you to find individuals with similar interests. You can join any community you want or start yours. Interact with other users in a group sending pictures, recordings, etc.

With Kik codes, you can find friends fast through scanning using the phone camera. There is also a web searching feature, which points you to platforms outside the application. Another tool is the Discover Bot, which lets you play games and socialize with robots.

Kik Mobile App

Safety Measures

Safety gets taken seriously on Kik. The site has an excellent support team that attends to all issues concerning customer security.

Tips to stay safe:

  • Pick a name that cannot get guessed easily. It should include numbers, letters, and special characters.
  • Be aware of those you offer the username or code. These individuals can reach you on the Kik platform.
  • When you post the code on social media, many strangers will get it and reach you.
  • When you enter any online chat group, your username is visible to everyone.
  • Utilize new communication functions to control conversations from friends and individuals you do not know.

The Block option

The function allows Kik customers to block malicious people. Blocked members will never contact you, neither will they get notified that you ban them.

Other Services

Below is some more information about Kik messaging services.


The application was created in 2009 by students from a university in Canada. It got released in 2010. After fifteen days, it had one million members. Most of them were children below eighteen years.

Currently, Kik is a perfect way to keep in touch with people no matter where they live. It is also the only online chatting service that focuses on teenagers. The application is available in English, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, and Portuguese.

Tips for guardians

Kik shares tips to help people whose children utilize the app maintain safety. The guide specifies the lowest age for creating an account. Parents can manage who can interact with their children. They can even access the messages that the kids send and receive.

There are also helpful Kik reviews that parents can rely on if their little ones face problems. The guideline aims to help the children have an exciting experience on the site.

Profile creation

Users start by downloading the Kik application from the App Store or Play Store. To register, they provide the username, the name that will appear on the profile, a password, date of birth, and an email account.

Kik might also ask members to complete a CAPTCHA after providing their account data. The verification activity makes sure that spammers do not join the site.

Important tip

  • It is crucial to provide a working email address when signing up. Kik will use it to share important details regarding the messaging app. If you forget the password, the website can send you the reset link using the email you have provided.

Deactivating the page

Kik offers two ways of deactivating its service.

  1. Temporary

Whenever deactivation happens temporarily, users can never get texts or notifications. Active participants will not be able to look for deactivated pages. Also, the usernames will get removed from the conversations.

A temporarily deactivated Kik profile may get activated through signing in. If you do not remember the login details, you can reset them. You only require to have a valid email account to receive the information for reset.

Also, to deactivate Kik profiles temporarily, you need a valid email address. The website will ask you to provide it during the process. Then, it will send you the link to finish the procedure.

  1. Permanent

When you permanently delete the Kik profile, you will never be able to re-access it. All the data you provide during registration will get removed. If you decide to use the service again, you will have to register from scratch.

The best enhancements that Kik has ever made

Besides the recent features and updates discussed earlier, other things have enhanced the messaging service.

  • Video chat: The platform introduced the video communication feature. Users may utilize it when interacting in groups as well.
  • Staying in contact: This is an advanced tool that allows members to stay connected with others. They can send messages, do video calls, and share files.
  • Hi: Kik has several emojis that members can use to say hello.
  • Robots: Bots are great virtual friends. They can share life tips, enter group chats, and even engage in games with other visitors.
  • Codes: These are the most creative upgrades on Kik. Users scan them to open chats. After that, they can start exchanging messages.
Kik Other Services

Pricing Policy

Many Kik reviews state that users will never require to pay to use Kik. The app even gets downloaded for free. The only charges you will incur are those for mobile data. If someone asks you to make the payment, you should report him/her. The site has an excellent support team who will handle these cases.

Kik utilizes your mobile data or Wi-Fi to send and get texts, recordings, memes, etc. If your Wi-Fi has an issue and you are moving outside your service area, you will have to pay for it.

Kik Pricing Policy


Kik aims to attract young people. It does that by introducing many interactive features that allow them to enjoy chatting. The service is not suitable for everybody. The website has proved that by taking the initiative to contact parents, members, and law enforcers. It does everything it can to protect young customers. Communicating with people and meeting them in private places is dangerous. Parents get advised to be vigilant about telling their kids to avoid sharing personal details online. They must also monitor what they do on the Kik website.

All in all, the service is pretty cool, giving teens a virtual space to socialize. If you are a parent, rest assured that the team does its best to protect your children and gives you an opportunity to monitor their activity as well. If you a teen eager to register here, wait no more! You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience on Kik!

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