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Mocospace Review: Is It Legit?

Mocospace Review: Is It Legit?
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 19-29
Profiles 1 654 594
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free for everyone
  • You can register with Facebook
  • Messaging is also free
  • You can use GIFs for profile picture and header
  • You can pay for more features, but that is not completely necessary
  • Only verified accounts can send messages
  • There are fake profiles
  • Transaction processes are not very transparent
  • Some profiles use pictures of celebrities
  • There are too many ads
  • Premium functionalities are only available for Android

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Mocospace is one of many dating platforms that is a hybrid between a dating site and a social network. It is not one of many dating sites, but you can hope to find trans people on it. The site was founded back in 2005 as a mobile social network and lately has received features that make it more of a dating platform. It was created by Jamie Hall and Justin Siegel, two friends who already worked in the mobile and gaming industry.

Although Mocospace is not the most popular platform both for dating or making friends, it still has around 100 million users. To deal with so many users on the site, Mocospace has three headquarters. Two of them are in the USA, located in Boston and Massachusetts. The third is on Herzliya, Israel.

Mocospace gathers very diverse members in terms of ethnicity. There are plenty of Hispanic people on the site, as well as African-Americans. Each of these ethnicities represents more than 30% of the user base. As for age, more than 40% of users are around 18-24 years old. The majority of members access the site through their smartphones, which shows Mocospace is successful in being a mobile-focused dating platform/social network.

Although the site began as a social network, nowadays, it does not accept minors. It is a site made only for people who are 18 years old or above that.

The name “Mocospace,” means “mobile community space.” It has “space” because, at the time of its debut, the site tried to rival MySpace. Now MySpace is long-time forgotten, and Mocospace is still around but does not enjoy as much popularity as MySpace did.

Mocospace Review

Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many things to be said about this Mocospace review. Fortunately, many of them can’t be found on other Mocospace reviews. Before you jump into the more complex topics, you should look at the principal good and flawed notions about the site. What makes people like it? And what makes people drop the site sometimes? These are the questions that guide the two lists below. Check them out.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Design And Usability

Mocospace offers its users a site full of different functionalities to connect, make friends, and find romantic partners if they wish. Its whole design is not the best in the world but is functional, after all. It is easy to follow and makes it quick to find anything users might be looking for. To be sure, it kind of resembles old Facebook, just like so many other sites. It seems like Facebook has set a standard for social platforms that came after.

The site is black and grey, which sets a different mood from other dating sites that have a choice of bright colors.

When you are on Mocospace, you will see a feed full of posts from other people. Even if you haven’t made contact with anyone yet, you will see pictures, comments, activities, and such from random users. You can quickly post your own things as well.

On the left side of the screen, you can see your username and your picture. You can easily access your own profile from there. Below that there are some options listed as “Favorites:”

  • Moco gold
  • Become a VIP
  • Who viewed my profile?
  • Photos
  • Blogs
  • Badges
  • Blocklist

That is not all. Mocospace is full of features for users to enjoy, and those who are not below your profile picture can be found at the top of the site:

  • Home
  • Meet people
  • Street wars
  • FriendShop
  • Messages
  • Chat
  • Groups
  • Chat rooms
  • Match me
  • Forums
  • Your status (online/invisible)
  • Gold sale
  • Diamonds
  • Help
Design And Usability

Special Features

Special features are always what make a site better or worse than the competition, right? Mocospace has some nice features for its users. To be sure, one of the most positive things on this dating platform is that the chat is accessible for all members. Still, let’s see what else the site offers.


Be aware that the “messages” and “chat” options are not the same. The first one is not for instant messages, but rather a kind of mail. There is where you receive promotions, alerts, or a simple welcome message from the site.

It is on the chat that you can talk to people. Simply go to a profile you like and start a conversation. After that, you can check all your discussions on the “chat” feature at the top.


This is an entertaining game where users are given the opportunity to “buy and sell” their friends. They “sell” friends from their friend list and “buy” friends from other users. As expected, you can also be sold by other users. The key here is to buy low and sell high. When someone you own is bought by someone else, both you and the seller get profit. When someone acquires you, your value increases. There is even a made-up currency within this game so that users can buy and sell friends.

Street Wars

This is another game, now with a mafia setting. Other users join the game too. You earn virtual money and conquer power by fighting with other users and completing missions. Rewards are in the form of points that can be used to increase your cash, stamina, and health. You can recruit other players throughout the game to help you out. As your gang grows, you face more exciting challenges. You can use Moco Gold within the game to acquire items and bonuses.

Daily Spin

Now it seems like Mocospace is full of games, right? This one is another game, this time similar to “spin the wheel.” It can only be played once a day, as the name suggests. The Daily Spin gives users the chance to win many prizes, like tons of gold and cash to be used on the site’s features.


Stickers are similar to emojis, but they are more significant. It is a feature already used in many messaging apps, and Mocospace has its own stickers too. They are available to use in chats, messages, forums, and even comments. Most stickers are free for all users, but some need to be purchased. Users can get new stickers with Moco Gold. Once a user gets new stickers, they are added to the account permanently.


Users are free to create groups of any theme so they can meet people who are interested in the same things. You can browse through the many already existent groups or create your own.

Chat rooms

Mocospace offers its members the possibility of getting into big chat rooms where they can chat with many users simultaneously. This resembles old MSN, where you could meet many new people through chat groups.

Match Me

This is the most dating-focused feature of the site. It is merely a built-in Tinder. You can see people and decide if they are attractive or not according to your standards. Perhaps you can have a match, and then you can start talking to your match.


Forums are similar to groups but are more accessible to anyone. You can post anything and also interact with other peoples’ posts.

Mocospace Backstage

You can create a private album in this feature, and then have other users pay to see your private pictures. You receive 30% of the Moco Gold users pay for them. It is a low rate since the pictures are of you. Still, some users make some money out of this.

Special Features

How To Communicate

The primary way to communicate on Mocospace is to send a message to someone through the chat feature. You could also send a non-instant message if you would like to use a slower option.

To send messages to anyone you like, you need to go to “chat” and click on “new chat.” That way, you send a message to someone new. You can also pick conversations from where you left them.

How To Communicate

Profiles On The Site

Earlier, the main focus of Mocospace was on meeting new friends rather than being a dating site, and this remains as you can see on the way profiles are. Many dating sites value the amount of information that users can share. Sometimes you can describe all of your physical characteristics and all of your interests as well.

Now, on Mocospace, there is little room to do all of that. You can add a picture, but the site doesn’t even require it to be legit. You can add a header of any theme you like, and you can post anything that comes into your mind. It is not a site designed to meet romantic partners.

What people can see on your profile is your profile picture, your header, and then some very superficial information such as your age, where you live, etc. They can also see your recent activity in case your profile is not private.

There is a side tab where you and people who visit you can see how many diamonds you received and how many gifts you have sent. You can also accept or send “love,” which is a feature that lets you show people how much you care about them or that you are interested in them. “Love” is shown on your profile.

On “details,” people can see:

  • Last log in
  • Member since
  • Profile views

Games you played recently are also displayed on the side tab of your profile. Below that, you can add a song and a video you like so that people know something about your tastes. You get badges too, that get shown so everybody can see. Lastly, blogs you posted are also displayed.

As you can see, Mocospace seems more like Facebook than a dating platform. Dating features are simply an addition but are not the main appeal of the site.

Profiles On The Site

Fortunately, the Mocospace website is not of the kind that requires you to pay to start enjoying the platform. Still, it offers users some features that can only be accessed through real money.

No ads

To be honest, this site has tons of ads. People who pay for a VIP package can get rid of them.

Who viewed me

If you are using the site to try and find dating partners, this feature might be handy for you.

Stealth mode

Some people like to use the site anonymously, so this feature is made for them. It allows users to visit other profiles and see posts without other people knowing. It is a form of protecting your privacy in a certain way, too.

Show first in Meet People

When you click on Meet People, many girls and guys show up for you. If you pay for the VIP package and activate this feature, you will be shown first when people click on Meet People. This improves the chances of making new friends and arranging dates.

VIP label

People will know you are a VIP member when they see your profile picture. You get a label with “VIP” written on it on your photo once you acquire this package.

Priority To Get Support

VIP members are prioritized over regular members when they need help from the support team. This is not the best practice from any site, but this is how it works at Mocospace.

Paid Services

Mobile App

The mobile app looks very similar to the site, only optimized to run on a smaller screen. It should be great to have an app to access this platform, but the app is not that good; to tell the truth. If you are not a paying member, you get ads that block your activities every few minutes. Also, if you are a paying member, you can’t access your paid features on the app’s iOS version.

Long story short, the app is terrible unless you can block the ads somehow without paying.

Mobile App


Mocospace is a site that is pretty aware of how internet meetings work and how the possibility of meeting fakes is high. Thus, it has a page for safety tips where they express the following:

  • Never give out personal information such as identity, credit card details, etc.
  • People might hide their real identity, so be careful when engaging in conversation with new people.
  • Do not meet in real life people you met online.
  • Immediately report inappropriate behavior or underage users.

Now, to talk about whether the site is safe or not is a whole different thing. The site is known for being home for tons of fake profiles. It is sometimes impossible to distinguish between real users and scammers. Some might say that the VIP membership helps with that, but then there is the problem that getting a VIP package involves giving away credit card details. Transactions on the site are pretty weird and do not seem very trustable at all. Still, there are plenty of users with a VIP label on their photos.

You can only expect that the site truly cares about reports on fake profiles. It is tough to confirm or deny that.


What Else?


Creating your account on Mocospace is very easy. The site presents its registration option right on the home page. You just to go to the site, and then it will collect a few info from you:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone area code
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

After that, you need to agree to their terms and click on “sign up.” Alternatively, you could simply register on the site with your already existing Facebook or Google account.

As a verification process to get into the site, you need to fill a captcha and upload a profile picture. Unfortunately, the site does not require users to upload images of themselves. Because of that, it is common to see people using avatars of cartoons or celebrities.

Language Selection

The site is available worldwide but unfortunately only offers two language options for users. The standard language of the site is English, of course. Then, users who speak Spanish can choose to use the site in this language. It is weird how the site is not available in other languages such as Chinese or Portuguese, for example, since many people speak these languages online.

Moco Gold

You can buy Moco Gold to spend on games. Moco Gold works like credits or tokens on other dating sites and is a virtual currency created especially for the site.

In case you have purchased Moco Gold and then decide to acquire a VIP membership, you will get a 50% increase in your Moco Gold total.

Private Profiles

Some profiles can only be seen by friends. Sometimes you visit a new profile, and you can’t see the full information on it. Before you do, you need to add the person to your friend list and accept the request. You can also set up your profile to be a private profile. This way, you can protect your info and activities from people who do not have anything to do with you.

Receive/don’t receive messages

Sending and receiving messages is free on Mocospace. What is also free is setting up your chat to only receive messages from people you know. If you do not want to receive lots of spam from unknown users, you can simply set your profile to not receive messages from anyone who is not on your friend list.

What Else?

How Much Does It Cost?

It is not recommended to spend anything on MocoSpace since there are so many fake profiles, and you have no assurance that you will genuinely meet new people on the site. Still, if the site has been working great for you, spending on it might be the next step. If that is the case, below are the costs for the VIP membership.

  • 1 month – $7,99
  • 3 months – $20,97 ($6,99 per month)
  • 6 months – $35,94 – ($5,99 per month)

In case you want to buy Moco Gold, here is how much it costs:

  • 500 credits – $4,99 ($0,01 per credit)
  • 1250 credits – $9,99 ($0,01 per credit)
  • 2750 credits – $19,99 ($0,01 per credit)
  • 4325 credits – $29,99 ($0,01 per credit)
  • 7500 credits – $49,99 ($0,01 per credit)
  • 15500 credits – $99,99 ($0,01 per credit)

To pay for the VIP membership or to acquire credits, you are required to have a credit card. Mocospace does not accept any other kind of payment method.


This Mocospace review was hard to craft because this site is very enigmatic. Is it a good site or a bad site? From reviewing it, it seems to be a bad site, but then one needs to truly use the site for a while, to tell the truth about it. What makes it look bad can already be found throughout this whole review. There are many fake profiles, and the verification process is not thorough enough. If you create an account on the site, it is hard to find people who live near you through the filters, as well as knowing who is real and who is a scam profile.

Still, you can try and read stories online about the site. Perhaps some people could make fair use of the site, make friends or even arrange dates. This depends from person to person, so you can surely try it if you are still interested in the site. All the details about the Mocospace website are here, but it is up to you to determine if the site suits you. If you want to visit dating sites, you can check other platforms.

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