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OurTime Review: Real or Scam?

OurTime Review: Real or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Many singles are registered on OurTime
  • An app is available for iOS and Android users
  • You can chat with members you find interesting
  • You can “flirt” with people to let them know your intentions
  • Profiles can be filled with lots of information
  • You do not need to pay to visit other pages
  • App and desktop versions have the same functionality
  • Chatting with your matches is free
  • The most important features are behind a paywall
  • There are many fake profiles on OurTime
  • No verification process to block scammers or fakes

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OurTime has been around for some years now. It went online back in 2011 and, since then, has seemingly helped connect many people across the whole world. This site is different from what we used to see on the Web. Usually, young people tend to look simply for hookups. The OurTime website was specially created for men and women aged 50+.

Members at OurTime can look for people nearby or from anywhere. They can find pals for just chatting, dating, friends, romantic partners for steady relationships, and even spouses.

OurTime is one of the three sites belonging to the OurTime Community by People Media. The other two are SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorsMeet. Since they have a similar intention, once you are registered on one of them, you can interact with people registered on sister websites. This makes for many more possibilities of communication with potential partners.

One thing that might confuse some people is that there are two sites under the name OurTime, and both have the same public. The difference is the company that owns each of them. Another OurTime is owned by Meetic Group and is UK-based.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone loves a useful review about a dating service they are just about to try, right? Even before you get to read the details about OurTime, you should know some general information on what makes it excellent and what it lacks. Below are two specially curated lists to bring you the most info before you can jump into this full OurTime review.

How Good Are Design and Usability?

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

Against all the odds, OurTime presents its users with a great design and superb usability. Why “against all the odds,” you must be wondering, right? Well, it is just that many niche websites that are not made for teens simply do not care much about having a good design. OurTime truly delivers one of the best visual experiences in the industry. It even tops some social networks of today (Facebook is genuinely awful right now).

It has a white interface with blue details at the top and in some features. These two colors match perfectly with the rest of the design, which is very light. And every element is presented so that any person can quickly locate it. OurTime is truly made for people in their fifties and above. Let’s admit: not everyone has had any experience with the Internet during their entire lives. It is hard for some older people to understand how new technology works. OurTime realizes such hardships and delivers an experience that makes it easy for everyone.

Unique Perks

Every other dating site offers plenty of features to help members date and have fun while chatting with others. So, what does OurTime offer? After all, they need to provide something charming to attract visitors.

Let’s take a look at the main tools offered by OurTime.


OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

This is pretty common among dating websites. It helps participants to get more visible to potential partners. Once you start using it, your profile will become more seen by the rest of the community because it will ranks you higher in search results.

Virtual Gifts

To show that you genuinely care about the user you are talking to, sending a virtual gift comes in handy. This way, he/she will know that you are not just one more person in their contact list.


Sometimes the chat function might not be enough to truly connect with someone who you think you like. Because of that, OurTime has developed ConnectMe, which gives you a virtual phone number. This way, you can chat with more quality and even make voice calls. This tool is perfect in case you want to take one more step but are insecure about revealing your actual phone number.


OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

You can fill your page on your own, write with your words what you think of yourself and expect from a partner. If you do not feel you are very good at writing, you can try the ProfilePro. Through this OurTime feature, you get connected to professional writers who will ask you some info and then create a great bio for you. As far as it is known, this tool is not a way of lying about yourself but making your bio sound more interesting.

How to Communicate

Chatting is the primary way for users to interact. If you are a premium OurTime subscriber, you can communicate with anyone anytime you like. Now, if you are not paying, you can only talk to your matches. You are matched the same way it happens on Tinder: you go to a profile and click on like or dismiss. If you like someone and get liked back, that is a match, and you two will be able to talk.

When things start to get hotter, and you need to take the conversation to the next level, try ConnectMe, which was already explained in the section above.

How to Build a Great Profile?

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

Having a good profile on any dating site is one of the things that matters the most. Sometimes, a single photo will not do, and other times, you do not have the right image; then, a good write-up helps you get to a romantic partner.

The OurTime website knows the importance of learning a bit of each other before trying to connect, and it lets members tell plenty of facts about themselves in their profiles.

When you visit someone’s page, you will see some data they shared with OurTime during registration and a short description written by the profile owner.

Right at the top, there are their profile picture, name, age, where they live, and which age range they prefer. Below there is a short description. Members usually describe what they like to do or what they are looking for. Do you want something real quick? A serious relationship? Only hookups? Let others know so that they can assess if you can be their match.

Below, you will find some more specifics on “about him/her”:

  • Marital status
  • Whether she/he has kids
  • Whether she/he wants kids
  • Education level
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Religion
  • Smoking habits
  • Drinking habits

Then you can check out pictures and some additional info that he/she thought to be useful. More than that, you can see exactly what users seek because they can fill details about their ideal partner. Thus, you can know whether you two have something in common.

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

Many features described throughout this OurTime review are only available to premium subscribers. For free, you can create your account, set up your profile, and match. You can also chat with users you matched without paying anything. Aside from that, every other perk is reserved for paying members.

Moreover, with a paid membership, you can view if someone has read your messages. If you are a free visitor, you won’t be able to find out whether a person is ignoring you or simply hasn’t read your texts yet.

Is There a Mobile App?

It has already been stated how OurTime’s design is stunning and helps members to find what they need quickly. That is also true for the app. If you pay attention to the site, you can see how that could be easily translated into a mobile application. Well, developers did precisely that.

The mobile counterpart is convenient for busy individuals or those who do not like to sit in front of a computer. After all, nowadays, it is much more comfortable to get everything you need right at your fingertips. Computers are a need for gamers, workers, and students. Now, if you are just dating, an app should take care of it, right?

You can quickly get in touch with your friends and your significant other if you have already met her/him. All other features from the desktop version are also implemented in the application.

Security on the Platform

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

This is one of the most critical topics of many OurTime reviews. Even though it was already pointed out that the site has fake profiles, these are easily avoidable (they are effortless to spot and then report). The platform has plenty of info regarding security.

There is an extensive Privacy Statement, in which OurTime’s staff says that protecting everyone’s privacy is one of their most important goals. There is another page dedicated to security concerns and how you can help them by reporting any seeming security breaches.

OurTime has put out community guidelines that should instruct people on what is not acceptable when using the service. Although the site is for dating, nudity and sexual content are not permitted here. Also, members should not talk a lot about sexual preferences in their bios. More than that, users are discouraged from:

  • Harassing others
  • Posting violent content or promoting violence; sending violent messages
  • Promoting hate speech
  • Making private data public
  • Spamming
  • Soliciting money
  • Prostitution and drug dealing
  • Scamming
  • Adultery
  • Pretending to be someone you are not
  • Using OurTime for any illegal purposes

Minors are also not welcome on OurTime. Any member who registers should be at least 18 years old.

The website even has some safety tips for its community. It teaches them the basics about protection online and not falling victim to any kind of predators. Some of these tips are:

  • Not sending money or giving away bank details to people you met online.
  • Not sharing your address or any other confidential information.
  • Keeping your conversations only on the platform, not taking them to any other chatting app.
  • Keeping an eye out for those who want long-distance relationships.
  • Denouncing suspicious or offensive behavior.
  • Choosing a strong password when you register.

In case you want to meet someone you found on the site in real life, OurTime gives its members some safety instructions that should help them have a good time.

  • Take it easy. Know the person before deciding to bring your relationship to a new level.
  • Date in public so that other people can see you, and you can reach for help in case you need it.
  • Tell friends and family about your dating affairs.
  • Have a plan on how to go away from the meeting place. Will you take a taxi, a bus, a car, or a friend picking you up? Know that before leaving the house.
  • Avoid drugs or alcohol to be able to protect yourself if something goes wrong.
  • Keep your belongings handy.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, do not be afraid to leave.

OurTime also reminds its users about sexual safety by advising anyone willing to engage in sexual relations that they should use condoms. It is common sometimes to forget about them, but you should take care of your health when you are with a new sexual partner. Also, consent is essential. Do not do anything against your will.

Online Security

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

So, it seems that OurTime’s developers put a lot of time and energy into writing guidelines for members. Some might complain about the fact that there are paid features. Well, some dating sites only do this to block scammers. When you chat with someone who also spent a few bucks to get more perks, you can be a bit more sure that the person is looking for the same thing as you rather than just fooling around.

The best experts have said in plenty of OurTime reviews that the service is secure if you can avoid fake profiles and report them anytime you stumble across these. As far as OurTime was scrutinized for the review, that is true. There are many more real people than fakes and scammers. Many women and men are genuinely looking for romantic partners for their lives in their 50s.

Anything Else?


You might be curious about the registration process. Then, let’s get down to it.

When you visit OurTime, you will find a box to open an account. Firstly, you are required to indicate:

  • Are you a man or a woman? Gay or straight?
  • Country
  • State/province/etc.
  • City

After that, you will be asked to fill in more details:

  • Birthdate
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Password

Once your registration process is completed, OurTime will need your:

  • Height
  • Body type
  • Marital status
  • Have kids?
  • Want kids?
  • Education level
  • Smoking habits
  • Drinking habits
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Interests
  • Looking for something specific?
  • Tell us something about you
  • Upload a picture (you can import from Facebook)

As you provide these basics, many profiles start appearing as suggestions of people who might seem attractive to you according to your standards at the bottom of OurTime.

Searching for Matches

OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

Usually, when you first register, you fill out a lot of info about yourself, and then the site starts showing you possible partners. You can readily click and check them out.

Also, every time you log in to OurTime, it is common to see suggestions of users who might meet your criteria on the homepage. You can simply dismiss these or look through every page and find out if someone genuinely sparks some interest in you.

In case the daily suggestions are not enough for you, you can go searching for new profiles. The search tool is free for everyone, regardless of membership status. Of course, when you look for new acquaintances, keep in mind that those who appear at the top are usually premium subscribers.

When you search, set some filters that will help you sort out. At any time, you can change whether you are looking for women or men, so bisexuals stand a chance on OurTime. You can also choose another age range. Although the site is advertised as a dating platform for people in their fifties and above, you will notice that there are many younger individuals. That way, you can set your age range to 20-60, for example.

Other parameters include distance, appearance, interests, personality traits, and lifestyle.

Boost Your Profile

Boosting your page is not necessarily included in the premium membership. In case you simply want to get seen more, you can choose to boost it. You need to get boost sessions that you can activate whenever you want. Each of them will last for one hour once activated.

OurTime Pricing

If you like OurTime and are willing to pay to access all perks, you can get a Standard Subscription, a Value Subscription, or acquire OurTime Tokens.

First, let’s see how much the Standard Subscription costs:

  • 1 month – $34,96
  • 6 months – $95,76 ($15,96 per month)

The Value Subscription:

  • 6 months – $119,76 ($19,96 per month)

If you want OurTime Tokens to enjoy other features, here is the pricing:

  • 55 credits – $2,99 ($0,05 each credit)
  • 110 credits – $5,99 ($0,05 each credit)
  • 280 credits – $9,99 ($0,04 each credit)

The price you pay to access premium perks on OurTime is pretty average. The service is not the cheapest but also does not charge an absurd amount of money.

To purchase either a plan or tokens, you can use different payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

They are standard for most countries. Depending on where you live, you might find some payment options adjusted for your convenience.


OurTime Review: : Real or Scam?

To sum it up, OurTime is really good. It indeed is one of the best niche dating websites you can find out there. It truly respects its users by offering fair prices on memberships and great features for non-paying members.

In case you are a bit old for those sites where young adults gather, you can surely try this one. If you are only wondering whether OurTime is suitable or suits your desires, you can simply register for free and see if you like what you see. Check profiles and find out if some men or women look like someone you would ask to go for a date. There are so many opportunities waiting for you! Sign up on OurTime today! Let’s see what the future brings for you!

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