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Plenty Of Fish Review: Is It Really Worth All the Fuzz?

Plenty Of Fish Review: Is It Really Worth All the Fuzz?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 752 563
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Plenty of Fish website gathers many unique functions that complement each other to improve your experience.
  • Considering it has the most users in the world, your chances of finding someone to bond with are sky-high.
  • With over seventeen years of experience in the dating field, you can trust that this site knows how to help you find dates and, in many cases, love.
  • Some sources affirm that this site is responsible for over a million new relationships every year.
  • The users are incredibly active; data shows over ten million daily conversations on the POF platform.
  • The POF platform has a powerful matchmaking system that makes your experience much more efficient by helping you find potential partners faster.
  • This platform has tons of options when talking about searching for people. You can search based on your geolocation, filter by specific parameters, among other possibilities.
  • The difference, percentage-wise, between male and female users is much lower than on other similar dating sites, only twenty percent with the guys coming on top.
  • The vast majority of folks and gals using the service are either English native speakers or have an adequate level of that language, making communication much more manageable.
  • The site also has fascinating forums, even though most of them are very spicy; if you want something lighter to read, you can easily find that too.
  • The POF platform offers a superb compatibility rating based on a site’s system that measures confidence, among many things.
  • It has an excellent messaging system with fun options that other dating sites lack, like voice messages.
  • The site and the messaging platform have systems in place to block spam and abusive content.
  • The personality test at registration can be a little long but is well worth the time spent.
  • When surfing a platform with so many users, you are bound to find fake profiles sooner or later, and that is the case here. Fakes are not abundant, but they are present.
  • A lot of essential information on the profiles is behind a paywall, so you need to get a membership for the best experience.
  • With over eight-hundred thousand daily logins, the number of interactions you receive can get a little overwhelming.
  • Even though the Plenty of Fish website is available in most countries worldwide, most of the individuals using the platform are located in the United States.
  • The posts in the forums can get spicy because people love to share their experiences that can get graphic sometimes.
  • When registering, you find a very long questionnaire that can get annoying because all the questions are mandatory, and you cannot register until you finish them all.
  • The POF platform does not allow newcomers to sign up using their social media; everyone has to go through the same questionnaire process.
  • Even though registration and the main communication tools on this site are free, you still need to upgrade if you want to see full profiles and access the best tools.
  • Only female users can send images via the chat; males are banned from this option.

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Many Plenty of Fish reviews mentioned how early this platform appeared, but they usually failed to point out how much it has improved and grown over time. This platform is an excellent option for practically any individual interested in finding someone without having to go out to a bar or something of sorts.

This platform strikes a lovely balance between a matchmaking service and an online dating platform. At first look, you could say it is a combination of all the best, most exciting tools and functions that similar dating sites offer, all in one convenient package. With over ninety million users, this platform can boast of being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online dating site.

In-Depth Take on Website Design & Usability

In-Depth Take on Website Design & Usability

The Plenty of Fish website takes the concept of a feature-rich platform and cranks it up to the next level. As mentioned before, this platform has a very long list of functions and tools. It would seem like the creators checked out all other offerings on the market and took everything others were offering and combined that into one website. Some first-time users report their first impressions as not very clear because of how overwhelming the website can be. There is an ocean of options, buttons, and menus to explore, which can feel disconcerting.

Nonetheless, after you get the hang of it, the experience is fantastic. You have everything you could wish for and then some more. The interface that previously felt overcrowded now seems informative and easy to navigate. Everything is at sight, so users do not have to hunt deep in menus to find the option or toggle they need.

After all, it is not uncommon for websites to hide some crucial functions deep in menus to make the interface look cleaner or more polished. Aesthetics are essential; there is no arguing that, but many users agree that ease of use is a more critical factor. Plenty of Fish listens to the users and agrees with that concept. Besides, their overall design is pleasing and well laid out. The only difference is that you, as a user, get comfortable and quick access to all the functions offered on the Plenty of Fish website.

What Are the Special Features Offered on This Platform?

What Are the Special Features Offered on This Platform?

One of the most important and worth mentioning, perks of this site is their sign up process. Even though this was already touched on before, it is worth repeating because it serves many purposes. First of all, having a sign-up process that is a little longer and more involved helps you familiarize yourself with the platform and what you are getting into. Moreover, by going through that process, you can learn about yourself. Some users affirm that after completing the questionnaire, they got a clearer vision of what they wanted and their expectations from a relationship.

The questionnaire is mainly designed to help the POF algorithms find better matches for you. Still, at the same time, it presents you with essential questions that can lead to necessary introspection. Sure, many dating sites offer little personality tests for users, some of them are even close to the one that Plenty of Fish has, but there is a difference. When you are signing up into this particular platform, you have to go through the questionnaires; they are not optional as in other places. Similarly, POF does not offer an option for entering by linking your social media; that would be too impersonal. In order to sign up here, you have to be very involved in the process.

Another notable feature this site offers is its messaging options and approach to chats. Most potential users will be very happy to hear that in the POF platform messaging is a free and unlimited option for everyone using this platform. You do not have to pay for interactions, and the chat itself has its fun and useful perks. The POF chats are one of the few places in the online dating sphere where you are not limited to text messages. Voice or even images are an option while communicating with other individuals via this platform. Some restrictions will be discussed later in this article, but those are mainly for security reasons and improving all users’ experience.

Chemistry predictor is one of the features that most people are interested in, and to answer the question most people have, yes, the questionnaire you fill up at registration is part of this feature. The Chemistry predictors are various tests and questionnaires that can range from twenty to even a hundred questions. The one you complete at registration is one of the shorter ones at only twenty questions. There are many of these questionnaires on the site. You can fill as many as you want; the more, the better. Each of those tests helps the system assess one or various characteristics of your personality, including assertiveness, mood, and sexual preferences.

Clearly, the more questions you answer, the better POF algorithms will understand you. Therefore, they will be able to suggest better potential matches. Besides, completing those questionnaires is extremely fun, and you can learn a lot about yourself by doing so.

Closely linked to that Chemistry Predictor is the next feature, Ultra Match. The name is pretty self-explanatory; this is an option that shows you the most compatible individuals with you based on all the information gathered from the tests you have finished. Many users use this function exclusively and do not even bother to go the more traditional route, like just looking around for people they like. Ultra Match is a powerful tool that can potentially save you a lot of time and headaches from dating the wrong person.

Pretty much all the special and unique features Plenty of Fish offers are directly or indirectly linked to their questionnaires, and the next one is not an exception. Top Prospects is one of the most popular features this site offers; the concept is straightforward but extremely useful, and there are lots of users who affirm that they found a partner thanks to this feature. The Top Prospects is a list of all users you have contacted in the previous thirty days, but the kicker is, they are ranked for compatibility. You can easily go back and check the list to find those individuals you already contacted and then see which of those are a better match for you. All that is left for you to do is reach out to those ranked higher in compatibility.

Of course, this service also has the more standard features you are probably familiar with. Things like location-based suggestions are present; nonetheless, here they are better designed. Most dating sites just use the information provided by users at registration to make suggestions; if someone filled up the registration form saying they are located in New York, the system assumes they are always there. On the other hand, POF takes advantage of your phone’s integrated GPS to tell where you are accurately. This is, of course, limited to vast areas, and no one can tell exactly where you are, so this should not be a security concern. One more thing to note is that the user should be using the service on their mobile device for this function to work correctly.

The Plenty of Fish platform also has convenient features when it comes to messaging, and priority message is one of them. Even though this is reserved for users who are currently paying for a subscription, it still is worth mentioning. When sending a message, you can see a little box that marks the message as a priority; that way, the message is shown at the top of the receiver’s list. For this function alone, an upgrade on your account is worth it because your potential matches will never miss one of your messages, even if tons of people are trying to contact them.

“Tokens” is yet another feature you have probably seen before. Put simply, tokens are a way to acquire special functions and “boosts” within the platform. You can easily buy them and interchange a certain amount for functions like super likes, today’s catch, and more.

The Types of Communication Functions Offered on the Site

The Types of Communication Functions Offered on the Site

This platform is fantastic when it comes to communication. First of all, you can message other users without spending a penny for it, and the best part is that you have no limits on how many messages you can send. Most websites charge you for each message you send so they can empty your pockets reasonably quickly. Another popular approach is to charge for a premium package that unlocks a minimal number of interactions with other users. POF is entirely different because all users, including the free ones, can message freely without having to worry about how many chats they are creating.

Moreover, the messaging functionality is far from rudimentary. A fair comparison would be putting it against any other dating platform that compares in size; not surprisingly, the chats in those other dating sites are much simpler and offer less functionality. One perk of online dating is that you do not get to hear a person’s voice until you meet or interchange numbers. That is problematic for many reasons, but the most obvious one is that a person’s voice is very significant if you plan to date them. Their tone, pitch, accent, and many other factors play a decisive role in whether or not a relationship can work. Luckily, the folks at POF thought of that and included a voice message option in their chats.

You can find many more options in the chat, but one thing you will notice is the restrictions. Sadly, due to the misconduct or a minority of perverts, POV decided to block all male users from sending messages. The good news is that ladies can still send you their prettiest photographs, but you will have to answer just by text or voice message, which is more romantic.

Another limitation, or more accurately labeled, security measure, is that you cannot copy-paste the text into a message; you have to type what you want. This is a brilliant move from the site because that measure alone can drastically decrease how much spam messages circulate in chats. After all, spam is usually a long text that no one in their right mind would rewrite hundreds of times, so blocking copy-paste does a lot for stopping spammers.

In that same manner, the system is advanced enough to identify abusive content. If a user writes something offensive or outrageous, it will most likely be blocked. Links and pornographic images get that same treatment. The system is smart and does a lot to keep the messaging platform clean and comfortable for everyone. If spam, unpleasant messages, or just abusive content is something that concerns you, this platform has you covered.

What Are the Main Profile Enhancement Features the Site Has?

What Are the Main Profile Enhancement Features the Site Has?

Plenty of Fish offers some of the best and complete profiles you can find in the world of online dating. Logically, they have many features to help enhance the way your page looks and how much about yourself it shows. A welcome feature is that you can upload a large number of photographs, up to sixteen pictures. Most dating sites limit you when it comes to media, so it is hard to broadcast your personality, tastes, and how you look. On POF, that is not a problem because you can upload many pics and let users know who you are.

Linked to the previous point, another feature that helps users get a taste of who you are right away is the “Catch Phrase.” You can write a short sentence that describes you well or just a phrase you enjoy. It can be a joke, a citation from a book, or anything that you feel depicts you well. That phrase is then displayed on your page, so people see it right away along with your profile picture.

To circle back to photographs, POFtook a step in the right direction in regards to images. The platform outright banned filters in pictures, so they are not deceiving or just useless. Let’s face it; almost everyone has been annoyed by a person uploading photos with tons of filters on it to the point that it does not even look human anymore. There may be a place for that on some social media platforms, but when it comes to online dating, there certainly is not. For that reason, POF banned those images, and now users get a much better and transparent experience when looking for partners. In the same manner, POF ban accounts for sexual content, so everyone’s experience is safer and more enjoyable.

Fee-Based Services the Dating Site Provides

Fee-Based Services the Dating Site Provides

Even though the POF platform allows users to message for free and even check out profiles without charge, many options are worth upgrading for. Being able to upload more pictures is one of them and better exposure and the possibility to mark your messages as a priority. You can see users’ full profiles without any limitations and experience the “Meet me” function, which makes the online dating experience more enjoyable and increases your chances of finding the person of your dreams. You can also send gifts and see if your messages have already been read. Most importantly, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, so no annoying pop-ups or anything like that will interrupt your experience.

A Good Take on Mobile Applications

POF has an excellent mobile application that you can get almost anywhere. Regardless of the device you use, there is a version of the app for it. The app has the awesome features of the Plenty of Fish website, but the layout is a little different. The menus are more straightforward, and it does not feel as heavy at first sight. Overall, the application’s experience is good, and it has the added benefit that it uses your GPS to make better suggestions based on your location.

Security Features That Are Standard for This Service

Plenty of Fish puts a lot of effort into making the experience of their users safe and pleasant. Simple things like blocking messages that may contain something abusive or stopping users from sending spam emails by blocking copy-paste in their messaging service do a lot to improve this platform’s security.

Similarly, they monitor the site and, based on users’ experience and feedback, POF changes or improves the platform. A good example is a fact that they blocked all male users from sending pictures in chats since many users were sending unsolicited images on the platform.

Interesting Functions and Perks Worth Mentioning

A fun tool POF has is its “Meet Me” function. It somewhat reminds you of a swipe game. There you are presented with profiles of people who are ready to meet, and you just swipe one direction to state that you “like” the profile or the opposite direction if you are not interested.

How Much the Site Charges: Price Policy

How Much the Site Charges: Price Policy

Plenty of Fish has only one type of membership that varies in price depending on how many months you buy upfront. Buying just one month will run you back 19.99USD, but you can save a lot of money if you choose to buy in bulk. If you buy eight months upfront, you end up paying only 9.99USD per month.

In the same way, you can buy their POF tokens to then change for Boosts and other special tools. The price depends on how many you get, but it starts at 1.99USD. By buying in bulk, you can get them for as low as 1.69USD


An excellent approach to online dating. This site gathers everything that is great from the most popular dating sites and packages it all nicely in one website. This platform has lots of features that can help you find a partner, and even some that are unique to them and noticeably boost your online social currency. Regardless of what you are looking for, Plenty Of Fish is probably an excellent option.

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