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Zoosk Review: How Good a Dating Platform Is?

Zoosk Review: How Good a Dating Platform Is?
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Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 27-40
Profiles 691 684
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You get a potential dating pool of over forty million prospects
  • Use the site almost from any place because it is present in over eighty nations
  • Enjoy a hustle-free experience when creating an account
  • Skip on lengthy questionnaires and let the system pick the best matches based on your personality
  • Feel safe because this site makes sure everyone is verified
  • Open your eyes to a deeper side of yourself by checking out the algorithm insights of your behavior
  • No need to know what you want; the system helps you figure that out
  • Finally, a dating site full of mature folks looking for love and not superficial stuff
  • Be confident that your inbox is not getting flooded with spam because this site only lets paying users to send messages—something you cannot expect from other dating sites
  • Save tons of time and even money by getting excellent and high-quality suggestions for potential dates. There is no need to look through tons of useless profiles
  • A prominent portion of users come from one country, which may suggest that other places are underrepresented
  • Not every person using this site has a profile image, so you may come across a couple of pages that only display a stock avatar imag
  • Depending on the age bracket you are looking at, there may be an overrepresentation of one gender, ‘males.’ That is common in these types of websites, though
  • The system automatically reads your location based on your device. It can only tell the country, but still, if you are trying to register with a different zip code, the system may block you
  • This site is invested in certification processes; there is no chance of you getting in and using the platform before you verify the credentials you provided, either email or phone
  • People do not always feel comfortable linking their various social accounts, moreover on dating sites, but this site can be pushy in that regard. Nonetheless, adding your pages to other social sites may positively influence your dating page
  • Messages are blocked for free users. Users without a premium membership cannot send nor open messages they receive
  • Using the mobile application is as easy as a cool breeze, but you will find that some tools are not present
  • If you find ads annoying and want an experience without any of those annoying pop-ups, you will have to put some money on the line and buy a membership. This can get incredibly annoying on the app, but if you are ok with the occasional pop-up, then this should not be a problem for you
  • For those folks who still feel like a player and are seeking light-hearted encounters, you may be better served with some other of the dating sites

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Zoosk reviews should start by mentioning its fantastic approach to matchmaking. Most dating sites ask for a lot of information from users up-front. Sometimes dating sites go as far as forcing you to complete lengthy questionnaires with personal questions. It is not hard to see why many people dislike that approach and instead look out for other options.

The story is different on this site. Its primary approach to matching people together is learning from those people first. Zoosk is not one of those annoying sites that requires you to fill up forms and answer tons of questions. You just register and start enjoying this service. The magic begins as soon as you start using it because the system learns from your actions, so it can then suggest to you people that are compatible with your tastes and behaviors.

Zoosk Review

An In-Depth Discussion of This Site’s Design & Usability

Zoosk is one of those rare platforms that you understand and can start using the minute you enter its website. Truth be told, it is extremely similar to another page that also has a blue interface, another shade of blue, though. Nonetheless, that should be seen as something positive because users feel right at home as soon as they land on this platform.

Familiarity is essential for any person, and that plays into the design of this website. They created an extremely familiar interface that mirrors other more prominent and popular sites, not only dating but social and communication ones. Imagine that feeling you get when you enter your favorite place, that sense of confidence in knowing what to expect and where everything is. That is the kind of sensation you will get here. Everyone is used to the popular social platforms, and nowadays, it is hard to find someone that is not using them. If you have spent any time in places like Facebook, then you will find that Zoosk is an absolute breeze to use and understand.

Zoosk, unlike other dating sites, got away with making the whole layout extremely similar to other pages by adding little touches here and there. After all, they took inspiration from a page that is mainly social-oriented and not so much dating focused. With that in mind, they twisted it a little bit, so it became an outstanding dating platform with a familiar layout.

The end goal of any interface is to make it as intuitive as possible, so literally, anyone can use it. In that regard, Zoosk should get a standing ovation. In a market where many pages are trying to differentiate themselves by creating weird, non-intuitive menus and functions, this one takes a different approach. Here, you have a familiar interface with easy to understand logic and design.

Some Special Features This Platform Offers

We can kick off this section by mentioning the function you will be using most often, here; it is called “Carousel,” and it is the section where you check your suggestions. As the name implies, it works as a carousel that shows your potential partners to check out and decide if you want to contact them. This approach makes Zoosk much more fun than other dating sites. Unlike most other similar systems from dating sites, here, the suggestions you get are not random, far from it. The system gathers info about your behavior while you use the site and then cross-matches that with other uses so it can suggest profiles that are likely to be compatible with you.

An In-Depth Discussion of This Site’s Design & Usability

Smart Pick is next on this list, and it is closely tied to the previous function. This is like the next level after the carousel for meeting people. In that first option, you are presented with all the potential candidates that may fit you. The Smart Pick section presents you with just the top-of-the-list most likely candidates. Meaning, the ones that relate to your tastes and conduct the closest. If you want to get the most bang for your buck and time, this is the way to go. People you meet in this section are far more likely to bond with you.

The system’s possibilities go much further than just pairing you with friendly people and getting your dates. It can also work as a way of improving your interactions, personality, or simply getting an inside look at your tastes and likes. There is an interesting phrase, “You cannot see the forest because of the trees,” and that is true about each individual; the process of introspection is very complicated without help. It is hard to assess yourself because you are too close to be objective. Zoosk presents you with data about your behavior, so you can analyze that and learn more about who you are and what you like.

Practically, everything Zoosk offers is closely tied to their Artificial Intelligence its team developed. The learning patterns designed for the Zoosk platform are quite powerful and do a lot to improve the experience of the end-users. In that same manner, this site can offer you insights on your own behavior. Dating insights is a section where you can check all that data and potentially open your eyes to your true patterns when it comes to seeking a partner. That elevates this one over most other dating sites.

More mainstream functions are also found on this page; after all, you need a lot of the simpler stuff regular dating sites offer. One of those is lists, especially for favorites or people you are currently talking with. It can be frustrating scrolling through hundreds of profiles in order to find that one person you wanted to message. For that, Zoosk has its “Connections” section where you can find all users you are in contact with. In the same manner, you can manually add profiles to that section for easy access at any later date.

Dating can become a hustle, especially online and on a page like this Zoosk, where you have an incredible number of potential dates, matches, and options. Luckily, Zoosk has your back. This platform came up with an ingenious way of making that process more comfortable, and it is called “Super Send.” That option works as a mass emailing tool so you can message several of your matches at once. Moreover, it offers templates, so you do not have to think much about what you want to say and how to express it. Just select this option, pick the template you want, and send. Those well-written messages are promptly delivered to all the candidates you chose. The only thing left for you to do is wait for replies and start preparing for all the dates you will attend.

Zoosk offers little nifty tricks and “hacks” to help you get more people interested in you. Like other dating sites, one is called “Boost” and works exactly as it sounds. Your page gets boosted to the first line of the suggestions list. Thousands of people see it up top, and your chances of getting matches to go through the roof.

Some Special Features This Platform Offers

An Good Approach to Communication Functions

The communication options the Zoosk’s site offers may not be as extensive as what you may find in other places, but they work flawlessly, which is the most important thing when you are trying to contact someone. Even though sending messages is an option only available for those who decided to spend some money on a membership, free users also have a couple of options to communicate.

Those individuals who are yet to buy a membership can either send smiles or hearts to other users. This may not seem like a lot, but it is better than what other sites offer because most places only offer free “flirts.” Here, on the other hand, you can either be more friendly with a smile or more flirty with a heart. Something important to keep in mind is that your communication is limited to that one interaction; in order to continue your advances with a given user, you will need an upgrade.

A Zoosk’s membership will not cost you your house or anything like that; those are quite affordable and unlock the possibility of messaging your matches. Being able to text with someone makes it much easier to get to know them and potentially meet in person and take the relationship to the next level. For that reason alone, a premium membership option is worth it on this site.

An Good Approach to Communication Functions

Good Profile Enhancement Features

Having a friendly and attractive page is the best way to get lots of potential candidates standing in line to date you. Many aspects of the page can influence the way people see you and push them either away or towards you. Any person creating a profile here or on any other dating sites should take a couple of minutes to fill up their profiles. After all, the artificial intelligence on the site cannot do all the work for you. Think about the stuff you would like to share with a potential partner and write some lines about it, add your hobbies, or just things you enjoy plus a little bit about your character, and you’ve got yourself an excellent introductory paragraph.

People usually fall into the “extremes” mistake. They either share too much or way too little about their lives and who they are. This is something more present among newer users of such platforms, but it is still worth talking about. Picture yourself in previous dates you have been to, think about what you talked about, and share. More importantly, think about how it was received and your afterthoughts. Filling up your dating profiles is the perfect time to bring up those “Shower thoughts” you had about that ideal thing you wanted to say but didn’t; you can write it here on Zoosk.

Everyone has some kind of outdoor or indoor activity they are passionate about. After hearing that line, most likely, something popped to your mind. Take a second to think about that activity you enjoy so much, and make sure to include the details while filling up your profile on any dating site. Even if that activity is weird, there is someone out there feeling the same way, and you go ahead and share, then you can potentially find that person and bond.

Make sure to portray yourself in good light, not only by writing but also by literally portraying, meaning taking good pictures. People on dating sites base their opinion on your profile photo. Some people go the expensive route and pay a professional photographer to make nice pics and then work a little bit of photoshop magic on them, but that is overkill for a dating profile. You most likely have a good camera in your pocket right now. Just brush your hair, go outside or near a window (good lighting is a must), and shoot a couple of pics of yourself. You will most likely get a couple you like, and that is a good start, upload them, and start meeting people.

Good Profile Enhancement Features

As mentioned before, one of the main perks you get from a premium account is the option to send and receive messages from other users, and you can access the chatroom. That function alone makes the upgrade worth it, but you get much more than that when you get paid access.

In the special functionality section, “Smart Picks” was something discussed in detail because of how useful and genius it is. Long story short, that option makes sure that every person is suggested to you in the system is compatible with you based on your behavior while using Zoosk. That makes the process much more effective, and you will not waste time with those who are not a good match for you. Logically, this is a premium feature you get when you upgrade.

Browsing incognito is yet another goodie reserved for those willing to pull out their wallets. This mode is useful because sometimes, while checkingdating sites, you want to lay back, relax, and browse without thinking much about it or being seen.

Mobile Application of the Service

The mobile application Zoosk offered is good; some users prefer it over the desktop version. The app gives you most of the tools from the website but in a portable package. The only thing you will not find in the app is “Dating insights.” Other than that, you get a similar experience but optimized for mobile devices.

How This Platform Approaches Security Features

The Zoosk website is committed to security. First of all, you cannot start using the page until you confirm the information you provided. Those kinds of measures help to stop malicious profiles, fakes, and bots. After all, there are only so many fake emails a spammer can create. And the more levels of security a page has, the better.

This service also monitors the activities inside its chat room and does much work to block spammers and fake profiles.

Some Extra Features Worth Talking About

The main thing to discuss when it comes down to the Zoosk platform is its exceptional artificial intelligence and how it can help users find the perfect partner. It uses a system that observes users’ activities, mainly who they check out and interact with. Based on that information, the algorithm creates a profile and then matches it with other users. That level of technology can save you a lot of time and effort because the system suggests people who are extremely likely to be compatible with you. That function alone pits this site miles ahead of any of the dating sites out there.

Some Extra Features Worth Talking About

How Much You Will Be Spending Here: Price Policy

The Zoosk membership is affordable, and it unlocks all the excellent functionality mentioned in this review. You can save some money by buying several months upfront. If paying month by month, you will have to spend 29.99USD each time, but if you buy six months upfront, then the cost per month comes down to 12.50

They also offer coins that you can use to acquire specific functions that may interest you. One hundred and eighty coins will run you 19.99USD, or you can get four hundred-eighty for 39.99USD


This is a fantastic place for anyone seeking connections and a more social life. If you are interested in meeting your other half or just getting to know many people who share your interests, Zoosk is one of the best options.

This site offers you tons of stuff other dating sites do not have, and it makes the experience much better.

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